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Pakistan has numerous social problems, which are increasing with every passing day. Since discussion of such topics is generally considered a taboo in our society, only a few channels and sources dare to touch social issues. HTV believes that the problems of our society should be discussed and addressed in a proper way so as to pave way for their solutions.

Shying away from social issues topics will not take us anywhere. Instead, such social and Health issues must be highlighted properly. HTV caters to such topics on its online portal, specifically assigned to pinpoint the social problems of our country. Spreading awareness about social issues topics is one way to tackle the ever increasing occurrences of such incidences. The more people know about our social and Health problems, the better they will be able to overcome them. Moreover, some of our most traditional and culturally sound social practices are so outrageous that we as a nation need to rebel against them. HTV Stands for  Health. Taste and Vitality provides the masses a platform to do just that!