15 Ways to Conserve Water at Home


Water is a natural resource and if one does not save it, the world will run out of it soon. Give it a thought every now and then to keep yourself and your family towards this cause. Saving water means serving humanity, because there are many people out there who don’t get to drink water freely let alone clean water. Following are a few methods of conserving water at home.

1. Shower Bucket

Avoid wasting water after you are done taking shower. Stick a bucket under the faucet to store the dripping water. You can use this water to flush the toilet and even for watering your plants.

While Brushing Your Teeth Ways to Conserve Water at Home

2. While Brushing Your Teeth

You can avoid wasting water by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth. A lot of people leave the tap open just because they are lazy, or may be due to lack of realization.

3. While Washing Your Hands

You don’t need water running through the tap while you are scrubbing your hands, so turn it off. Turn on the tap once you are ready to rinse off the soap.

4. Pasta Water

Don’t waste the water once you are done with boiling the pasta. Store that water and let it cool down. You can give it to your plants.

5. Car Wash

Take your car to a car wash if you think your car really needs it. The water is recycled there, so it is a better option rather than wasting water at home.

Car Wash Ways to Conserve Water at Home

6. Fix It!

Fix all the leaks in the taps. This way you can save a lot of water.

7. Shower Only When Needed

Manage your activities in a way that you don’t have to shower more than once in a day.

8. Use Less Electricity

This probably sounds strange, but yes, saving electricity can save a lot of water. Turbines and engines require a lot of water to cool them down when the electricity is being produced. If we use less electricity, less work will be done by the turbines and less water will be used to cool them down.

9. Dishwasher

In order to preserve water as much as you can, wait for the dishwater to run out space and then wash all the dishes together.

Water Plants in the Morning Ways to Conserve Water at Home

10. Water Plants in the Morning

Water the plants in cold temperature which is early morning. This helps preserve water, because less water is required since the water is not being evaporated.

11. Rain Barrel

Install a rain barrel to store rainwater. This will keep your plants hydrated. This method is used in areas the water supply is not good enough to fulfill the needs.

Rain Barrel Ways to Conserve Water at Home

12. Short Showers

Instead of taking longer beauty showers and wasting many gallons of water, go for quicker showers to save water.

13. Grey Water

You can use the water in which you washed your clothes to flush the toilet. It is better than leaving the water yellow and also saves water.

14. Dog Baths

If you plan on cleaning up your dog then make sure that you wash it in your garden, so that you can do two things in one go. This will save water and keep your plants and pets both happy.

15. Washing Dishes

Don’t leave the water running through the tap while scrubbing all the dishes. Scrub all the dishes together and the turn on the tap to rinse of all the dishes. This helps save water.