World Environment Day: Why environment should be our first priority?


Today is marked as World Environment Day. Started in 1974, World Environment Day (WED) is an annual campaign to raise awareness about emerging environmental issues. The theme for 2021 is ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.’

For the past few decades, we have misused and destroyed our environment and its ecosystem. Rather than protecting our natural resources and sustainably using them, our action has resulted in pollution and degradation of the environment.

The environment around us keeps us alive and helps us to survive. It gives us food, water, shelter, air, and much more. Therefore, we need to protect our environment. Below are 3 ways we can protect and sustain our environment.

Clean Air 

Industries, factories, and cars produce harmful gases into the air. The more polluted the air we breathe, the more chronic health issues it can cause, which can be fatal sometimes. These harmful gases have also led to global warming, which has resulted in more floods, storms, and drastic changes in weather patterns in recent years.

To reduce air pollution, we should avoid burning leaves or cutting branches, choose paints or adhesive with less or no VOCs, use electric or fuel-efficient cars which will keep air quality clean also, rather than using cars for commute we can also walk or take the bike.

Sustain Food 

Cutting trees or destroying forests has led to poor quality soil and less rainfall. This means less clean water, less food production, therefore a food crisis for the population in the near future.

We should plant more and more trees. Start from your home. You will not only benefit from the shade but the local wildlife will gain a home. Bonus point if you grow an apple tree it will give you food all year long.

Protect Water 

Disposing garbage into our sea or river banks has disrupted not only our lives but also the aquatic ecosystem.

Rather than disposing of things we should contact our local recycling center, who will recycle products like plastic, steel can, papers. We should stop using plastic bags and switch to environment-friendly bags such as paper bags or bags made of cloth.

Caring for our environment is a must. If we want to guarantee ourselves a healthy life, as well as a good life for future generations, it a must that we preserve our environment.