The Most Powerful Posters from Aurat March 2021!


Karachi’s Aurat March 2021 celebrated Women’s Day in a powerful style and it’s the most anticipated event in celebration of the International Women’s Day in Pakistan. This march happened near Frere Hall and was preceded by some powerful speeches, demonstrations, and performances.

Set with a perspective to stand up against misogyny, gender inequality, marginalization, and patriarchy, men and women from different walks of life shared their views on why they march; from speaking up against discrimination and harassment to honor killing and many other issues they deal with in life.

But what we mainly enjoyed were the posters that marchers brought along to express their thoughts and opinion about feminism. So, HTV picked some of the most powerful posters from the march which caught our eye and attention.

Here are some of our favorites:

Stop using ‘she is my wife’ as a defense!

Sadly, a masked face doesn’t protect you if the illness is called Patriarchy.

Think twice before calling them liars.

Let’s focus on much bigger problems, like humanity.

Rather than slurring women, honor them.

Will the real NAYA PAKISTAN please wake up!

The only thing she is getting is unwanted attention.

So, which one of these amazing Aurat March 2021 posters is your favorite and why? If you’ve got more posters to share that we might have missed, drop them below. More power to feminism!



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