5 Basic Rights Women Should Never Let Go Of


Gone are the days of the contemporary world where women were deprived of their economic and social rights, where they used to face unfair patriarchal systems and misconceived notions and norms. But now we live in an emerging new world where women fight and demand equal rights and status, they are fighting to end injustices and discrimination and to improve their conditions in society. In this new world where women are still learning about their worth, we have gathered some common rights for women that they should never let go of.

The Right of Divorce on Nikah Nama

According to the 8th clause of Nikkah Nama, Islam delegates the right to divorce to women without forgoing the Haq Mahr, which means that in the case of Khula the woman does not have to forgo the Haq Mahr, which is her fundamental right and which will make her financially stable.

Right In Inheritance

According to the State legislation, women have the right to inheritance. They can have the share of inheritance and entitlement to own and possess property.

Haq Mehar

Haq Mehar is the legal right of the wife and it is obligatory in Islam. At the time of marriage Haq Mehar (gift mostly in a form of money) is given by the husband to his wife as a mark of respect.

The choice when she wants to become a mother

Having a child is a personal choice for a woman. They have the right to choose if they want to become a mother or if they want to delay the process.

Her Individuality

Women individuality means that women have the right, choice, consent, freedom to lead the life however she wants to and has the right over all social and economic rights.

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