Beware! 6 Major Health Problems Men are Prone to

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Men in our society are considered breadwinners, which is why they have to be really strong. It is normal for every household to consider men of the house the ‘Superman’, but at the end of the day, he can also feel weak and under the weather. There are several problems that men face in terms of their health, which if not addressed can get really problematic in the future. As they grow older, health risks also increase simultaneously

According to research, men tend to be really worried about heart problems and impotence once they hit 50. Those in their 60s feel that they are at risk of prostate and dementia. Men whose father or brothers have suffered from such diseases tend to be more apprehensive and take precautionary measures to stay safe

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Following are some male problems and ways to manage them:

1.   Heart Problems

If there is a history of heart diseases in your family and the level of your blood pressure and cholesterol remains high, then your doctor will prescribe medicines to normalize your blood pressure and cholesterol. If the doctor feels that you are at risk for heart diseases, then they will also prescribe certain tests to treat your condition properly. To receive proper treatment, seek your doctor’s advice, ask them about the right medicines, and follow their advice.

2.   Diabetes

1 in 4 people in Pakistan is diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Diabetes is the root cause of several other health conditions like eye diseases, heart issues, paralysis, and kidney failure. It also damages various organs in the body. If you are in the early stages of diabetes, then a balanced and healthy diet, as well as staying active can save you from the dangers of this disease. Along with maintaining weight and controlling blood pressure, it is important for you to stop smoking as well. This increasing ratio of diabetes is greatly affecting the Pakistani population, so men should be aware of it.

3.   Paralysis

In order to prevent paralysis, it is important to have complete information about its early symptoms. Numbness of hands, feet, and face, problems in understanding speech, weakness of eyes, headache, difficulty in walking, and weakness and lack of calmness are also symptoms of paralysis. If you are experiencing these symptoms, immediately check with your doctor, and start treatment and medications.

4.   Weight Management

Metabolism slows down with age, which is why it is important to consume a healthy and balanced diet. It is very important to consider the quantity and time of consuming food. Instead of having it in large quantities at once, break down your diet into five to six small meals. To ensure flexibility and functionality of your body, exercise regularly. Keep your waistline in check as you grow older. With a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and healthy weight gain, it is possible to evade diabetes and joint pain.

5.   Prostate Cancer

An abnormal increase of cells in a male’s prostate gland causes prostate cancer. This gland is located right under the urinary bladder. Prostate cancer is really common, but early diagnosis and treatment can prevent it from spreading in other body parts.

If a man’s father or brother has had prostate cancer, then he should consider getting screened to avoid the possibility of suffering from the disease. Doctors usually advise on getting a particular blood test, PST, done to diagnose the disease. Most men who suffer from this disease are aged over 60 and 65 years. In order to find out more about the benefits and risks of screening, consult your doctor.

6.   Low Testosterone Levels and Impotence

This is a very common problem among men, especially with those who have diabetes or their prostate gland removed.

The risk of cardiac diseases and paralysis increases 1.6 times for men who are prone to impotence, which is why it is important to consult a doctor before getting treated for impotence.

According to doctors, men are more apprehensive about their testosterone levels. If you are suffering from symptoms of low testosterone levels, then you should get your testosterone blood test done with your doctor’s consultation.

In terms of your health, if you’re physically and socially active, then you can reduce the risk of obesity, heart attack, paralysis, and dementia. Remember, what is good for your heart is also good for your mental health. Regular check-up and screening is vital for your health and physical strength.

Reviewed by Dr. Nida

Doctor’s note:

Men should be aware of the diseases running in the family, especially heart and cholesterol problems. If their father, cousin or sibling had died due to a heart attack before 55 or mother before 60, then it’s imperative for them to get familiar with heart and cholesterol problems.

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