Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat


Doing everything and still not losing fat? Does no progress on the weighing scale mean that you’ve hit a plateau? Not necessarily! Here are a few other factors to consider

Are You Following Your Diet?

Not sticking to your diet is one of the most common reasons for not seeing any progress. Check if your targeted calorie intake matches your actual intake. Remember, these calories count too:

  1. Extra sauce on your salad
  2. Small bites of someone else’s dish
  3. Extra ghee on your rotis
  4. A “little” biscuit with your tea

Do You Stay Active?

You can’t just rely on workouts to burn calories. Make sure you’re moving enough throughout the day. Some people become lethargic when they start eating less-don’t do that! Try these ways to stay active:

  1. Walk instead of taking the car or motorbike
  2. Do your own household chores
  3. Exercise during remote meetings
  4. Choose stairs over the elevator

Are You Stressed?

High-stress levels can prevent weight loss by triggering water retention, which can mask fat loss. Decrease stress levels by:

  1. Getting enough sleep
  2. Eating mindfully
  3. Ensuring
  4. work-life balance
  5. Meditating

Are You on Your Period?

Women may gain water weight when ovulating as well as before or during their periods. This can make them feel like they have gained fat or hit a plateau. Be mindful of the time of the month!


Make sure you’re not sneaking extra calories into your body, don’t miss workouts, stay active, and minimise the stress in your life. That’s all it takes to lose fat and get Fit.

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