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It is important to eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients you need. Food provides the energy and nutrients you need to be healthy.

You should eat food that contains vitamins and minerals. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and protein. Learn about how your daily food intake interacts with the different processes going on in the body that play a major role in your overall well-being. We provide many tips on health catering to all body types as well as helping you rationalize your dietary needs to achieve optimum nutritional health. With HTV, find out about the health benefits different types of nutrition you have in your food and various home remedies that can help maintain a healthy living without much hassle. Also read about food choices for vegetarians and vegans.

HTV also provides information on nutrition for pregnancy. We cover the nutrition journey all the way from fertility to trying for a baby and preparing body for the baby birth. Pregnancy also includes nutrients for common concerns such as nausea and heartburn during pregnancy. And we also look at why maintaining weight is a good idea in pregnancy.

HTV, helping you eat well!