Valentine’s Day: Love On A Budget


I’m only two months into a fresh relationship but we haven’t had The Valentine’s Day Talk yet. Does he celebrate it? Or does he think its too cheesy? One thing is for sure: I will not be the one initiating that conversation.

In any case, I decided I wanted to be prepared. But this is where my brain gave up (as it does at the smallest sign of hard work required) and I couldn’t figure out what I could work into my non-existent college student budget. But I’ll be damned if my significant other doesn’t feel special on Valentine’s day (given that he doesn’t think he’s too cool for it, of course). So I pulled out a notebook and jump started my brain with a couple of chocolates, which BTW are known to improve your mental and physical performance.

  1. A Handwritten Letter

At the expense of sounding like a salty baby-boomer, in this non-stop world of cyber communication, hand-written things have found a new significance. It’s something your partner can keep and revisit whenever they want to (instead of having to scroll up through your Whatsapp conversation).

This letter can contain anything. You can include a recounting of how you two met, how they make you feel, all your happy memories, and if it’s a long-term relationship, you can even talk about what kind of future you’re looking forward to with them!

Just remember that letters are a timeless romantic gesture whether it’s partners exchanging letters during the war or 21st century movie like Letters to Juliet (worth at least one watch if you haven’t seen it already). So you just can’t go wrong

  1. A home-grown plant or flower

Okay, so you know how flowers are super romantic? One you grow yourself is twice as special and brightens up any room it’s kept in. I especially love this idea because you’re not picking flowers and killing them either! You’re actually doing the opposite.

You can easily get seeds at very low prices (sunflower seeds are definitely recommended) and plant them in a small pot. You can decide whether you want to give them a plant that has grown out or one that has been planted but has yet to come out so you can surprise them with what kind it is!

Not to mention how this could totally be something like a metaphor for your relationship in a twisted, ET kind of way. Let your love bloom with your thoughtful (and environmentally friendly) gift.

  1. A tour of your favorite spots in the city

Sometimes the best gift is just more beautiful memories. You can organize a special day out with your partner where you visit some of your favorite places. this can include anything! A list of places that hold significance for you two and your relationship like the first place you met, or it could be some touristy spots such as historical buildings or museums. I personally prefer walks through local markets that are rich with culture and sometimes dipping into cheap street food.

The beauty of this is you can pick any theme or you can mix and match and do a bit of everything. It’s all on a budget!

  1. An ‘Open When…’ Jar

This is my personal favorite because I love, love, love giving and receiving validation.

An ‘Open When’ jar is when you write down a ton of sweet notes in a jar and label it for a certain situation or mood such as ‘open when sad’ or ‘open when you miss me’. You can list down things you love about them or write down things that you know will cheer them up when they’re going through a tough time. You can even decorate the jar with glitter, ribbons, or whatever else you see fit.

This sweet little pick me up will last them a while and will remind them just how special they are to you.

  1. Cook them a meal

There are two kinds of clichés: overused boring clichés and timeless classic clichés. Cooking your significant other dinner falls into the latter category. No matter what happens, cooking for your partner will never go out of style and will be every bit as special each time.

There are few things more comforting than a loving homecooked meal. Try this whole wheat Penne Arabiatta if you want to impress!

Or get one of these classic desserts from home bakers that are DIVINE.

This is where I ran out of ideas but if you can think of anything else we’d love to hear them!

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