Are You in Love? 13 Signs That Say Yes


For most people, falling in love is like something out of a story book. Perfect, romantic, life changing and fiction. Those who’ve actually been through this roller coaster can attest to the fact that it’s one of the scariest, most gut wrenching yet one of the most fulfilling experiences life has to offer. The exact moment when a special someone goes from being someone you like to someone you can’t imagine living without, is pivotal. Some people are lucky enough to find that early on in life whereas, some people find it after marriage or in people who have been their life this entire time, but they failed to recognize it

Love Signs that Show that You are in Love!

Not everyone loves the same way. Some people are more expressive whereas, others may be shy or more private. But there are certain signs that are constant in every love story. Given below are 13 love signs that you may experience when you fall in love with the right person.

1. Seeing Them is the Best of the Day

No matter how long you’ve been together or how often you see each other in the day. If being with them makes your eyes light up and your entire day better, then you’ve got a keeper.

2. They are Your Best Friend

Whenever something exciting happens in your life, they are the first person you think of. Be it getting a promotion to finding a lucky penny on the ground, your happiness feels incomplete without having told them every single detail.

3. You Want to Spend Every Waking Moment with Them

No matter if you’ve just spent all the morning together, as soon as you get home you start to miss them and start blowing up their phones with messages. And god forbid, if they don’t reply right that second.

4. When You’re with Them, Your Stomach is Always Fluttery

The kind of flutter thousands of little butterflies make. This doesn’t necessary happen when you’re in close proximity, but every cute moment you share unleashes all the feels.

5. Everything Reminds You of Them

You seem to find many tiny things during your day that makes you think of this person. Be it a meme they might find funny, or a commercial they might like or even a color that may remind you of their eyes.

6. You can Smell Them, Even when They’re Not There

And not in a creepy Hannibal Lector way. Just that their scent lingers in your mind and when you close your eyes you can imagine them there with you.

7. You Don’t Mind Jumping Through Hoops for Them

Be it changing your plans so you can spend more time with them or wearing their favorite color on you, or not watching your favorite show all day so you can both watch it together later. And at the end of the day there is no regret in your heart, because you can see that person jump through the same hoops for you which makes it all worth it.

8. You Go Back and Re-Read Your Conversations with Them

There don’t have to be some grand declaration of love. Even simple goodnight texts or heart emojis can make your heart skip a beat. They can be the most reassuring thing when you’re having a bad day or missing them.

9. There is No Uncomfortable Silence Between the Two of You

You never run out of things to tell each other and can have the most pointless conversations for hours and it never feels like a waste of time. Even in complete silence it doesn’t feel awkward at all.

10. You Feel Possessive of Them

Random girls/ guys talking to them isn’t something you can stand for too long. You even start to hate the Xbox or PS4 they spend hours playing.

11. You’re Always Curious to Know More About Them

You wish to know everything they like, dislike and you mentally try to find similarities between the two of you.

12. You Can’t Help but Remember Dates

You can’t help but remember dates to all the significant moments you’ve had with them. Even something as trivial as the first time you held hands goes into the books.

13. You Trust Them Blindly

They have the power to hurt you the most and yet you trust them completely. It can be very scary to be vulnerable in front of someone and let your guard down and deep down you know that this person can rip your heart out. But the fact that you know with all your heart that they won’t, is how you know you love this person.

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