10 Reasons You Love Your Sister But You’d Also Sell Her For A Corn Chip

Anyone else been scared sh**less for eating their sister's last cookie?


There’s nothing quite like a sister bond. There’s also nothing like a sister scorned.

  1. You have double the wardrobe

But that means your wardrobe gets raided on the regular too.

It helps that one sister is always on trend, on fleek, on point, etc.

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  1. You have a partner in crime who opens the door for you past curfew

She stays up late just to let you in!

  1. …but then you have to pay her back by being her slave for a week

So you consider poisoning her chai

  1. When she stalks that new guy who’s been flirting with you and finds out he has a girlfriend

His name is on her list in red, twice underlined

  1. When you go Eid shopping and finally pick an outfit but she likes the same one

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  1. The struggle to get first dibs when your America wali khala sends presents

It’s usually her

  1. When the sibling rivalry stretches to you two crushing on the same person

It’s just a friendly competition, right?

  1. But then your f***boy crush tries to play you both

And you both tear him a new one

  1. Sometimes when she’s in a good mood she’ll cook and make extra for you

  1. You can always steal her charger and lie about it later

And you’ll always have someone to give you a hug when you really need it.




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