Renew Your Love after Years of Marriage


Bring the magic back between you and your spouse and renew your love life after years of marriage. Here are some proven love tips to keep the spark alive between you two

Love Tip 1: Adjust Daily Routine to Spend More Time Together

In today’s world, lives of couples are tough due to busy schedules. And so, couples can’t spend more quality time together. Therefore, both should work together to make a matching routine, so that the couples should spend most of the free time together.

For example, both the husband and wife should take out time to discuss their daily routine or watch a movie before going to sleep. The important fact is to spend QUALITY time together and express opinions freely.

Love Tip 2: Travel and Experience New Adventures Together

A monotonous married life can lead to many problems between the couple. The repetition of same old routine can make marriage boring. The key is to keep it alive by trying new things from time to time by respecting and sharing each other hobbies, fantasies and life dreams.

This can be done by planning a vacation together or even a long romantic drive after a long tiring day.

Love Tip 3: Take Care of Each Other’s Even after Having Kids

Usually, after having kids, couples tend to ignore needs and expectation of each other. The key is to balance life between your kids and your partner. Try not to stress yourself by being over-involved with your kids and ignoring your better half. Stop caring about money and children all the time and try to focus on the relationship with your partner.

Commonly, couples stop having sex or be intimate after having kids and get busy in their own lives. Usually, the wife spends time at home taking care of the kids while the husband stays busy in financing the growing expenses of children; especially education. This can lead to frustration between husband and wife. The couples should focus on their own relationship and try not to neglect each other’s needs.

Love Tip 4: Hangout with Friends Together and Alone

It is healthy to keep your outgoing personality even after the stresses of married life. Hanging out with your friends alone and with your spouse will ignite a spark between the two of you. He will see how perky, spontaneous and witty you are, something you might be lacking in day to day life. Spending time with friends is both relaxing and it revitalizes the life in you.

Love Tip 5: Stay Independent

To ignite the love back into your life, you may need to stick to your old self. What attracted him, will attract him again, maybe with a little push. Stay true to yourself and not let go of your passions and desires, because at the end of the day that’s what brings life to you.

Not only this, you should even give your better half some space; you might not want to know what they ate or what they did in lunch break. Some space is healthy till you remember the important details of their life. And then use that to your advantage.

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