How To (Un)Celebrate Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s contemplating on whether or not they should indulge in their inner-most desires and give in to, well, love. But turns out samaaj ban gaya hai pyaar ka dushman. Hence this globally observed event has become something that must not be named in Pakistan. Oops. But I already did so in the headline. So, what now? In my defense, however, I’m only encouraging people to find alternatives to it. After all, isn’t that what that whole ‘sister’s day’ fiasco was all about?

Anyhow… hate me all you want, I’m just going get right to it

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1. Stick to being ‘just friends’

Forget about dating. It’s not allowed. So, don’t even try. Being ‘just friends’ is the way to go. So grab your nearest gal/guy and get started on that ‘friendship’.

2. Cacti over roses

Roses are for those who celebrate this curse of a day. Do everybody a favour and stick to the right side of history. No, seriously. If you want to give something to your ‘friend,’ it better be a cactus.

3. Binge on creepy documentaries instead of rom-coms

Need I say more? You get the drill, right?

4. Namak paray over chocolates

Again, the right choice is to give namak paray if you absolutely HAVE to give something. Abstain from those chocolates. Please. They’re corrupting our generation.

5. Don’t eat pasta, opt for bhindi roti instead

Keep it low-key. No need to treat yourself and your ‘friend’ to fancy food. Just stick to the usual ghar ka khana but leave the door open when you’re hanging at home.

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6. Kill the mood

Hide all those candles and fairy lights, you don’t need that stuff. The better thing to do is just study.

7. Spend the day with your fam, doing fam things

See, the best case scenario would look something like this: you and your fam, enjoying fam time, doing fam things. Now isn’t that the perfect way to spend this day?

8. Wear all black

V-day is a day to be condemned. So wear black. Oh and don’t forget to look sexy while you’re at it cause you know… *wink wink*

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