How to Make Each Zodiac Sign Fall for You


Here are tips to make each zodiac sign fall for you:


Compliment them often, go along with their plans, don’t keep your opinions to yourself when discussing personal interests.


Don’t rush anything, amuse/entertain them often, take them to a nice restaurant or cook a nice meal.


Talk often with them, and make sure to actually know what you’re talking about, speak your mind, be loyal and honest.


Be direct and let your feelings be known, be straight with them, build up lots of trusts, ask for advice from them (but not too much), don’t force them into anything.


Admire them, compliment them often, and entertain them with humour and fancy lush things even if it’s fake.


Always have a few facts and details to tell them, don’t discuss topics that go nowhere, don’t try to probe inside their emotions, let them take the lead.


Admire and flatter them, ask them about themselves, have light, friendly debates, keep your place tidy and neat.


Never be fake, don’t ever try to tease them or hide something, be frank and speak your mind, never shoot them down/tell them they’re wrong.


Ask them about themselves, share interesting and funny stories, keep your emotional distance, take them out on a date somewhere outside.


Humour them often, don’t pry into their emotions, gain trust, be patient.


Simulate their minds with friendly arguments, give them plenty of brain exercise with your conversations, have variety, never complain or be a nagger.


Talk about things that are out of this world like the occult or astrology, don’t allow them to take on all of your problems, adventure with them and tell them odd jokes.


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