The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect ‘Galentine’s Day’

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It’s the year of female empowerment! With the year kicking off with bold movements such as the #Timesup and #Metoo movement as well as the Women’s March, it looks like women everywhere are finally taking charge and speaking for their rights and against discrimination that has plagued our society since the beginning of time. In keeping with the spirit of the notion that women don’t need a man to live their lives and in solidarity with all the women who are tirelessly working towards gender equality and independence for women, we have compiled some ideas that are a guaranteed success for a perfect way to celebrate all the women in your life. Who says you need a man to enjoy the day of love? Get your gal pals together and have the best time!

1. Arrange to Go for a Brunch

This is one for the classy ladies. You can either make reservations at your favorite brunch place or throw a nice one at home for all your friends! You can even make a potluck out of it. Dress up, wear your best spring clothes and put on that bright lipstick and have an absolute ball.

2. Galentine’s Day Movie Day

Honestly, with the amount of chick flicks and romantic movies that come out every Valentine’s Day, you could go for a movie every weekend for the entire month! Who else can enjoy those cliché movies that you love so much other than your bestie. Listening to boys complain about the illogical plot or lack of action in the movie is just another thing you don’t need. So get your 3D glasses a big tub of caramel popcorn with extra butter and your bestie on your arm and you’re good to go!

3. Have a Dance Party!

If you’re a working woman by day who want to let loose at night, this is perfect for you. Plan a dance party with your friends and dance your heart out. You will also be burning some calories which is never a bad idea. And if you want to stay in, well get your playlist ready and your speakers blasting and have a private dance party. With chips and dip and cold beverages easily arranged, you will not find another plan that’s as simple to manage and just as much fun.

4. Dessert Telephone

You don’t need no man to buy you some chocolates. Grab some friends and go around town tasting desserts from various places. A lot of cafes and restaurants do special desserts just for Valentine’s Day and you do not want to wait another year to try them. Most places also have discounts on chocolates and exclusive themed desserts for the day so you can be economical as well satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Traditions Need Not Forgotten

If you’re a sucker for those movie esque dinners with candle lights and flowers and violins, well, so are we. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find a boy to take you. Embrace your inner goddess. Wear that sparkly, sexy dress you paid way too much money for, get your group of friends together and go on a perfectly romantic friends date. The only difference being, you might actually have fun for once.

6. Shopping Spree

Go buy yourself something nice. You truly deserve it. Splurge on yourself. Maybe go for a spa date and give yourself and your friend a relaxing evening.

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