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Delve into the world of beauty tips, hair care and latest trends that walk hand in hand with a healthy living. Our beauty column provides a little something for everybody.

Our modern take on the old age home remedies make looking beautiful and healthy as easy as possible. Learn about how you can achieve a luscious looking mane with our tips for long hair. We bring you the latest makeup trends that are dominating the social media.

Here at HTV we believe in providing our readers with the current most happening beauty trends as well revisiting old home remedies that take a more holistic approach to beauty. You can also find beauty tips in Urdu at HTV.

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What Goes Into Fairness Creams

'Kaali/Kala' is the word our society uses for people who are unfortunate enough to have dark skin tones. Thanks to this illogical prejudice practiced in our part of the world (Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh being the chief victims)…

Get Pink Lips Naturally!

Our lips deserve the attention that we give to our face and body. Our lips can get chapped due to dryness and dehydration before we even notice the change. It happens slowly, but we only notice it when the damage has been done, but it is…

5 Remedies For Beautiful Hair

Hair is a very important aspect of the overall personality. This is why everyone wants to have thick shiny hair that enhances their look. Every woman wants to keep long lustrous locks that complement their beauty, while most men are…

Top 5 Basic Makeup Brushes Guide

Makeup is an art and not everyone has the ability to paint with bare hands. So, let’s just accept the fact that we don’t have that God gifted talent and that we need the right kind of brushes. Make up brushes are as important as your latest…