Debunking Myths About Skin Icing


Skin Icing has become a trend, and there are many reasons not to hop onto this trend. Lately, we have seen many skincare bloggers sharing how their skin has transformed because of ice therapy. We know several articles out there supporting ‘Ice Therapy’ and how it can solve many skin issues, but there has been no scientific proof. We are here to debunk all the myths about skin icing and share the actual facts around it.

Myth: Icing your face can control oil production.

Fact: There is no way applying ice to your face will affect the oil glands. It cannot regulate oil or sebum production.


Myth: Icing your face can help cure acne, large pores, and fine lines.

Fact: Icing the face does not affect the pore size. It can temporarily give a mattifying effect due to the construction of superficial blood vessels and temporarily reduce redness. However, it is in no way a cure for acne, wrinkles, or large pores.


Myth: Icing the face can reduce puffiness.

Fact: Yes, it is true. The only thing ice can do is help with depuffing the under eyes by shrinking dilated blood vessels. However, rubbing it directly onto the skin’s surface is not recommended. Instead, you can cover the ice with a cloth or towel and then use it on affected areas to reduce puffiness.


Myth: Practice ice dunk every day for glowing skin

Fact: it may be rejuvenating temporarily, giving you a false sense of satisfaction and cooling sensation. There is no scientific proof that dunking your face in ice water can make your skin glowy.


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