What does the ring on your finger say about you?


For women, the right accessories add up to the look, and no other accessories are better than rings. They aren’t just beautiful jewelry but also, they say a lot about your personality depending on which finger you’re wearing a ring. So, let’s find out what the ring on your finger says about your personality.


A ring on the thumb means flexibility, self-confidence, and determination but also means that the person has a quick temper and is pretty stubborn.


A ring on the index fingers means that you are a born leader and that you long for power and want to be in charge. Aside from this, a ring on this finger means that you are confident, ambitious, and spiritual. Interesting fact, in some cultures ring on the index finger, symbolizes marriage.


A ring on the middle finger associates that you are an independent individual and have the ability to analyze and deal with certain situations correctly.  The ring on this finger also represents balance, power, and stability.


We all know that in almost all cultures the ring on the fourth finger means marriage but, in some countries, this may mean that a person is divorced or has lost their spouse. On the other hand, the ring on this finger shows partnership, creativity, and love.


Women usually don’t wear rings on their pinky finger but those who wear rings on their pinky fingers signifies that they are intelligent, talkative, have great communication skills, and are persuasive. They form strong connections with the people around them which makes them sociable and friendly. In addition, they have a sixth sense and can easily identify any danger.



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