Bra Myths Buster


We always hear mixed views when it comes to bras. So here are some myth-busters for bras to clear the air.


MYTH – Your bra is too tight if it leaves marks on your body when you remove it.

FACT – A bra is supposed to fit you perfectly to give your breasts the proper support. If worn for long hours, it will definitely leave a mark on your body. Don’t worry, it’s normal!


MYTH – Your bra straps hold your breasts up.

FACT – Almost 80% of the breast support comes from the bra band. The straps only make sure that the cups stay in place, which takes care of only 20%. So, make sure that our bra is the right fit.


MYTH – You can wear the same bra two days in a row

FACT – You can wear the same bra two days in a row, but it is not recommended as it can stretch out the material and deform its actual shape.


MYTH – Wearing a bra at night will give your boobs better shape

FACT – Wearing a bra at night will not make your breasts perky or give them a better shape or stop them from growing. Not wearing one does not make your breasts saggy. It is completely based on personal choice. The right fit.


MYTH – Padded bras make your breasts appear larger.

FACT – If you’re wearing the right size, all a padded bra will do is conceal the nipples better and give your boobs a more rounded shape. This doesn’t affect size appearance unless you are wearing a push-up bra.


MYTH- A bra can last you several years

FACT- No! A good bra can last up to 100 washes which means that the right time to replace the old bras with the new one is once a year.



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