Things You Should Store in The Fridge


The skincare fridge has become a trend, but this trend isn’t just a fad, it does have benefits. Refrigerator adds benefits to these skincare products and also increases their shelf life. Not to mention the cold products feel super great on the skin during this hot and humid season. Read more to see skincare products that you need to store in the refrigerator.

Eye Cream

Nothing feels more calming than cool eye cream. It just doesn’t give the under-eye area a cooling effect but also can help calm puffiness by vasoconstriction, allowing the flow of liquid to the under-eye area and reduces any red or blue veins around the eyes.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel works best when stored in the fridge overnight. The cooling effect of the gel can moisturize drying skin and heal any sunburns.

Sheet Mask

To hydrate and moisturize your skin, a sheet mask work best when stored in the fridge and used at a cold temperature. If you have skin issues that irritate then this is the best way to calm your skin. You may refrigerate your sheet mask an hour before applying.

Serums with Active Ingredients

Refrigeration of serums has been proven to be more effective as the coolness can tighten pores, soothes the skin, and boost circulation in the applied area.

Face Mists

If you want to depuff your skin then cold face mist is the best option. Refrigerating fist mists can also reduce the pores and calms the skin. Bonus point, refrigerator also increases the shelf life of mist.

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