5 Ultimate Korean Beauty Tips


Have you ever watched Korean dramas? If yes then you must have wondered how Korean girls have such impeccable skin? What’s the secret of their porcelain skin? Koreans are the best and most consistent when it comes to beauty games. They eat healthily and use lots of natural ingredients to keep their skin flawless and radiant looking.

If you’ve been wondering what Korean women do to make their skin look like a glass then we have just the answer for you. Here are 5 ultimate Korean beauty secrets that can help you to turn your skin from uneven-looking skin to radiant and glowy.

Towel Scrub

Wet a towel and microwave it for 5 to 7 minutes or simply soak a towel in warm water and rub it on your face in light circular motions. It removes dead skin cells and makes skin fairer.

Lemon Water Steam

We all know steaming is a great way to cleanse the face, but lemon water steaming adds up a whole new level of benefits. Lemon water steaming not only cleanse the face but also cures acne and pimples and gives you a fair complexion.

Frozen Milk Cubes

Raw milk is not only good for the health but also for the skin. Koreans apply frozen milk cubes on their face which cleanses their face, makes it clear and glowy.

Facial Exercises

Koreans are experts at facial exercises. Their favorite mantra to enhance facial features is “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu.” Repeat this mantra loudly for 10 minutes daily, this will not only give you a facial exercise but also keep the wrinkles and fine line away.

Applying Moisturizer

When we are in hurry, we often forget to moisturize our skin, which is the most important step in Korean’s beauty regimen. Before applying the moisturizer, they first warm up their fingers by rubbing them together, only then do they apply moisturizer.


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