Don’t Do These After Waxing


Waxing sessions can be really tiring and painful but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your post-waxing experience better. So, here are few things you should avoid after every waxing session you undergo, to ensure that the session leaves you with smooth and baby-like skin!

Applying Creams & Lotions

Skin after waxing is as sensitive as a baby’s skin. So, avoid creams or lotions as it contains harsh chemicals that can cause inflammation. You can apply oil-based products that are way gentler such as baby oil or coconut oil. This helps get rid of any residual wax and also keeps the skin moist.

Wearing Deodorants & Perfumes

Post waxing your hair follicles open up leaving your skin vulnerable to infections. Applying deodorants and perfumes can irritate the skin, making it sore.

Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

Avoid wearing skin-tight clothes for at least 24 hours. Let your skin breathe.

Scrubbing or Exfoliation

Scrubbing or exfoliating after waxing is a big no. We know that scrubbing and exfoliating are done to get rid of dry skin, but after waxing your skin is already smooth, further scrubbing can cause mild injuries and redness.

Bleaching Your Skin

This is another thing you should definitely avoid. Chemical bleaches can cause severe skin damage and chemical burns to the already sensitive and inflamed skin.

Swimming or Long Baths

Waxing tends to open up the pores, swimming or taking long baths can open them even further which can make your skin vulnerable to skin infections. So, avoid swimming and long showers or baths for at least 2 days.

Sun Exposure

After waxing your pores are open, so avoid direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours as it can cause hyperpigmentation.

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