Vaccination Schedule

Date of Birth:

AgeName of VaccineDue on
At BirthBCG3 March, 2016
Polio (OPV)3 March, 2016
Hepatitis B3 March, 2016
6 WeeksDip-Per-Tet-HepB-HiB14 April, 2016
Polio (OPV)14 April, 2016
Pneumococcal Conjugate14 April, 2016
10 WeeksDip-Per-Tet-HepB-HiB12 May, 2016
Polio (OPV)12 May, 2016
Pneumococcal Conjugate12 May, 2016
Rotavirus12 May, 2016
14 WeeksDip-Per-Tet-HepB-HiB9 June, 2016
Polio (OPV)9 June, 2016
Pneumococcal Conjugate9 June, 2016
IPV9 June, 2016
Rotavirus9 June, 2016
9 MonthMeasles / MMR28 November, 2016
12 MonthMeasles / MMR OR MMR-Varicella3 March, 2017
Hepatitis A3 March, 2017
15 MonthMMR OR MMR-Varicella3 June, 2017
Pneumococcal Conjugate3 June, 2017
18 MonthDip-Per-Tet-HepB-HiB25 August, 2017
Hepatitis A25 August, 2017
Polio (OPV)25 August, 2017
2 YearsTyphoid3 March, 2018
Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine3 March, 2018
4-5 YearsDip-Per-Tet-HepB-HiB3 March, 2020 – 3 March, 2021
Polio (OPV)3 March, 2020 – 3 March, 2021
MMR OR MMR-Varicella3 March, 2020 – 3 March, 2021
Typhoid3 March, 2020 – 3 March, 2021

Timely vaccination can save children from some horrible diseases. And our exclusive section on vaccination is one link of the long and complicated chain of health!

Ensure Your Children’s Health with Vaccination

The fact that a vast number of people still suffer from otherwise preventable diseases in Pakistan is indeed distressing. To help prevent this deplorable situation, our online portal on vaccination is a minor effort. In this section, we post content on baby immunization, its importance, and benefits. Also, we also offer a vaccination schedule tool that can help you keep track of your baby’s vaccine requirements.

HTV focuses on health! Our primary objective is to increase awareness among the masses of our country about health issues and their prevention. All the information on the vaccination activities being carried out in Pakistan is available on our portal. You just have to click and read!

Despite government’s attempts to ensure that every single child is vaccinated, Pakistan is among the three countries that still have polio cases. This is mainly because of negligence and ignorance on the part of people. We aim to make sure that people who think that immunization will somehow tarnish their faith or will make their future generation impotent are made aware that this is not the case at all.

Baby vaccination is crucial if we want to see our country prosper and free of diseases that are consuming our young generation. Good health is the fundamental right of every individual and parents who deny the right of baby vaccination to their children, indeed snatch it from them. We want them to realize that what they are doing is wrong. Immunization does not have any negative effect on the children’s health. Its essential function is the prevention of dangerous diseases.

The fact that in our country volunteers participating in the vaccination activities are attacked is disheartening. People straightaway say no to vaccine. This attitude only aggravates the already deplorable condition of health and sanitization in our country. We believe that this has to change. Therefore, HTV aims to spread awareness and impart knowledge on this vital subject.

It is a good thing that schools are denying admission to non-vaccinated children. However, we must ensure that instead of deciding in favor of false documentation or not sending their children to schools altogether, the parents are encouraged to opt for vaccines. We cover people’s reluctance for vaccination, its consequences, and methods to increase awareness, and other such enlightening content on the topic of prevention in our section.

Providing the necessary medical and health rights to our future generation is our duty. Vaccination constitutes an essential part of everyone’s health rights. Promoting baby’s health using our platform is the least we can do to impart this fundamental health right to the people who need it the most. Let’s stand united in our fight against the stigma attached to vaccination!

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