Quince fruit: A magical food with 5 health benefits


We have been blessed with innumerable fruits of different shapes, sizes, smells, colors and nutritional benefits. Fruit salads keep changing with the weather, moods and needs but most fruits have more than one health benefit. One such fruit is Quince (Bahi).

Quince belongs to the same family as apples. It is a fruit with more than just several healthy properties, affecting the body in ways that are too good to ignore. Once you read the benefits of this fruit you will want to go look for these fruits at your nearest tella wala (fruit stand) or store for yourself and your family

Quince is one of the fruits mention in the ahadith of Holy Prophet (SAW). Hazrat Anus bin Malik (R.A) narrated that holy prophet (SAW) said: “the burden of the heart is removed by eating the quince.”

Another Hadith is: “Feed your pregnant women quince, for it cures the diseases of the heart and makes the babies handsome.”


The magic fruit quince cures many heart problems that can occur as one ages. Blood pressure is one of the main issues that heart patients have which is caused by a higher level of LDL and lower level of HDL in the blood. LDL are the lipids that are harmful as they clog the artery and cause obstruction. HDL however is good for you. Quince shows its magic by lowering the unwanted LDL and increasing the HDL levels.

It also relaxes the heart and releases the tightness from the chest making a person less susceptible to heart related issues.


Immunity is a main feature of a healthy body. Like every organization, city, and nation, human body is a collection of system that needs good immunity to function well. Quince contains vitamin C which helps in building immunity.

A good immune system helps to keep one away from infections and diseases.

Weight loss

You may be amazed to learn that fiber is an ingredient for weight loss and you can use an adequate quantity of fiber by using the weight loss calculator by calculator-online.net

Dry Cough

It is said that quince seeds should not be thrown away as they are extremely useful. These seeds are known for their cure in dry cough and soreness of throat. Soak the seeds in boiling water and drink it like tea, sipping small amounts every so often.


Quince is a cooling fruit and it is well known that cooling foods are great for the liver. Other than that, quince helps the body in getting rid of free radicals that can often be poisonous and make the liver over work. Hence the removal of such radicals causes the liver to function well.

How do I consume quince?

Quince is a sour fruit and not entirely easy to have in its raw form. However, it can be made delicious and edible if you add a little effort.

  • Marmalade: Quince fruit can be made into a healthy marmalade. You can put some on your toasts each morning; it will not just be delicious but also extremely healthy.
  • Snack: You can chop slices of quince, sprinkle coconut oil on it along with some coconut sugar, and bake. You can have your healthy, diet snack after workouts.
  • The fruit pulp can also be employed in stews, as an addition to seafood, poultry, and lamb preparations as a flavoring base.