The Perfect Soulmate for each Zodiac Sign


Here are the traits and characteristics that each sign should be looking for when seeking out their soulmate!

Aries soulmate: a confident type who can keep up with them.

The Aries is a hardworking, energetic enterprising personality who likes to live a fast life. They need partner who can keep up with them rather than a partner who will drag them down. Their ideal soulmate is somebody who is assertive, confident, and not afraid to take any risks.

Potential soulmates: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

Taurus soulmate: a loyal and romantic go-getter who only has eyes for them.

The Taurus will always stay loyal to the right person till the very end. But they need someone who reciprocate their feeling with strong sense of commitment. Their ideal soulmate is somebody who is trustworthy, honest, and straight-forward. Taurus got no time for mind games. They want someone who can make them feel that they are the only person in the world!

Potential soulmates: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.

Gemini soulmate: somebody with a great sense of humor, brain, and who can keep things interesting.

The Gemini are really picky when it comes to dating. Their ideal soulmate is somebody who is clever, funny, and interesting. They don’t want things to get stale or boring ever!

Potential soulmates: Leo, Libra, Aries and Aquarius.

Cancer soulmate: an empathic heart with an affectionate and sensual soul.

The Cancer are extremely loveable and has a huge heart. They need somebody who is affectionate enough to make them feel special and loved but also intelligent enough to captivate their mind. They want someone who is caring and emphatic.

Potential soulmates: Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo.

Leo soulmate: somebody who is confident and mysterious.

The Leo is hopelessly drawn to confident and mysterious personalities. They want somebody who is not afraid to put themselves out there, but at the same time someone mysterious and intriguing enough to keep them guessing and looking forward to what comes next!

Potential soulmates: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aries.

Virgo soulmate: somebody sophisticated, complex, ambitious, and totally devoted.

The Virgos soulmate is somebody complex and sophisticated. But they should also be ambitious and not someone who just lays around all day long. The Virgo needs somebody who will be as committed to the relationship as they are!

Potential soulmates: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus.

Libra soulmate: someone with looks, brains and confidence!

The Libra won’t settle for anyone less, they have high standards when it comes to love. Their soulmate must be someone with looks, brains and confidence. They like physical beauty, are attracted to clever mind and they dig confidence who knows what they want!

Potential soulmates: Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo.

Scorpio soulmate: someone who can be intense and passionate.

The Scorpio loves deep, intensely and totally unconditionally. Their ideal soulmate is somebody who feels deeply. They also love a bit of mystery who doesn’t necessarily reveal all of their cards at once.

Potential soulmates: Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer.

Sagittarius soulmate: an open-minded, free-spirited soul who doesn’t insist on trying to “change” them.

Sagittarians value their freedom and independence. Their ideal soulmate is somebody with a fun-loving and open-minded approach to life and who won’t get too possessive or clingy on them. Their soulmate will be someone who can build them up and who they can take on the world with!

Potential soulmates: Leo, Aquarius, Aries and Libra.

Capricorn soulmate: a classy, stylish, intriguing soul who remain loyal till the end.

The Capricorn is picky when it comes to seeking out someone who is “soul mate” material. Their ideal partner is someone who has a bit of class, style to them, and some pride in who they are. But above all else, they should be loyal and trustworthy and loyal, some who they can count on!

Potential soulmates: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio.

Aquarius soulmate: someone fun-loving but committed, with a wicked sense of humor and a talent for cooking!

The ideal soulmate for the Aquarius is likely to have a fun and outgoing personality and someone who is an occasional crazy adventurous. They’re also wildly attracted to those that have a wicked sense of witty humor. Aquarius loves to eat, so being able to cook is a big plus point.

Potential soulmates: Libra, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Pisces soulmate: somebody with a creative mind, and confidence.

Pisces never take life too seriously or literally; they live in a world of their own. Their ideal soulmate is somebody is wild, has creative mind and has a healthy dose of self-confidence. Most of all they just need somebody they can communicate with and connect to in a deep and meaningful way.

Potential soulmates: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus.

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