10 surprising uses of ‘Phitkari’ you never knew


All of us are familiar with the word ‘phitkari’ (Alum) as it is very well known for water purification and shave treatment, but none of us have any idea about its magical powers. Alum can do wonders to the skin, face and it is also used for health purposes. In the market it is easily available in powder form or block form

1. For Treating Acne and Pimples

For all the girls having acne or small pimple on the face is, indeed, the worst nightmare, but if I tell you phitkari can fight acne and pimple. It does sound amazing, no? All you are going to do is mix some phitkari powder with water and make a fine paste. Apply the paste on the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with water. In order to get rid of acne, use this paste on a daily basis and you will be amazed by the results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We all have different skins and their sensitivity is also different. Before using any remedy, make sure you check whether your face is accepting it or not, if you feel any kind of irritation or burning, wash your face immediately. In order to check the product, always use paste on a small part of the face and then cover the entire face if your face accepts it.

2. For Skin Tightening

Having a saggy and loose skin is indeed a big problem and this problem increases as you age. Alum again is here to save you from it, and the use of phitkari gives you a tight shiny skin. Make a paste of phitkari powder with water and apply it on the face. Leave it for half an hour and wash it with water. You can also use rose water and egg white for more amazing results.

3. For Wrinkles

Again, phitkari is all set to fight another face problem. Phitkari can be effectively used for wrinkles. Take a piece of it (solid), wet it and rub it on your face slowly for some time. Wash your face with rose water and use a moisturizer.

4. For Dark Underarms

Due to the use of hair removal creams your white underarm turns dark. Using a paste of phitkari with rose water (weekly) on the affected area can bring back your white underarm.

5. For fighting dandruff

Phitkari can fight dandruff which is another big problem in our lives. Mix a small pinch of phitkari and salt with shampoo and use it to wash your head. You will feel a drastic change in your hair.

NOTE: Do not use a lot of phitkari.

6. For Hair Removal

What if I tell whatever you are reading is actually true? You must be shocked at the moment, but this is true. In ancient times women used to use phitkari paste for the Removal of unwanted hair. Mix ½ tsp of phitkari with 1 tsp of rose water and apply it on the part where you want to remove hair. If you feel the paste is dried, sprinkle some rose water. Leave it for half an hour and wash with water.

You can use this paste after waxing or threading as phitkari helps reduce or slow hair growth.

7. For Treating Lice

In order to get rid of lice, make a paste of phitkari water and oil. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for some time. You will soon get rid of all the lice.

8. For Cracked Heels

You have been ignoring your feet and now you have got cracked heels? No worries, phitkari is all set to do some magic to your heels. In order to get rid of cracked heels, heat phitkari in an empty bowl. When heated it liquefies and foams. Once all the water evaporates, we get crumbly mixture. Let it cool. Mix this powder with coconut oil and use on the affected area.

9. For Canker Soles

In order to treat canker soles, put a small pinch of phitkari over the sole and leave it for 30 seconds.  Wash it off thoroughly. Repeat this act 2-3 times daily till your soles are cured.

10. Use as Deodorant

This must be new for all of you. Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties alum is used as a deodorant. Just wet a phitkari block and use it. It is advised to use it alternate days instead of daily.

Phitkari is indeed a gift that is given to the mankind. Make it a part of your life and many of your problems will be solved.