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There is a lot of health information online, making it difficult for us to know better or even understand what is being talked about. However, we all have a point of view that we would like to share. It is either based on our personal experience or developed through time as we grew. To make it easier for you to have a better grasp of things around you, HTV’s opinion section is a comment on the intricacies of life that make us who we are and help our readers approach life in different ways. From talking about pressing issues to lighter ones, we cover it all.

Your Opinion for HTV

Our opinion section is written by writers who belong to communities you come from and have faced similar issues. Their voices reflect your voices only to make a collective noise, the kind that aims to influence and make everyone feel part of our community. In fact, HTV believes in amplifying more voices that are determined to motivate and inspire.

Which is why you too can be a part of our platform. If you have an opinion that you must share then write to us at