6 Things People with Acne are Tired of Hearing


Most of us have imperfect skin which includes acne, blemishes, spots, etc. These are all the side effects of teenage hormones. At a young age, we believed that these spots and blemishes will fade away with time. But we were so wrong! Here we are still suffering from these issues.

But that’s not a problem. We have accepted our flaws and our imperfections. The only main problem is that there are some people who will always point out our flaws and offer some well-intentioned yet obvious advice on how we can improve ourselves.

Below are 6 things people with acne are tired of hearing:

“Stop wearing makeup. It makes acne worst.”

Oh, stop it! Just don’t take away one happy moment from me. Makeup is a gift; it can actually conceal my acne, or at least in the pictures only.

“Have you tried “unsolicited advice”?

Believe it or not, I have tried everything available in the market but not even one thing works.

“I know how you feel, I have a pimple too”

Oh really? You have one pimple on your face, that is not even considered a breakout.

“Drink more water.”

I promise you I do drink a lot of water, but if drinking water was the only solution then none of us would have it.

“OMG, you know you have a pimple, na?”

Really? Pointing out the obvious wouldn’t make things easier for me.

“Use a home remedy. Natural works better on pimples.”

Thanks, but no thanks! I am in no mood to try another useless remedy.

We are LEGIT tired of hearing these comments regarding our acne and blemishes. While we know that people mean well for us and want to help, these comments oftentimes do the opposite.

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