Stereotypical Sexist Remarks Women are LEGIT TIRED of!


Gender-biased assumptions are not new to women. If you are a woman, we’re sure you’ve come across these stereotypical clichés at least a hundred times. As a woman, we have been told forever to behave a certain way; like be quiet, agreeable, helpful, small, pretty—and we’ve experienced enough mansplaining for a lifetime.

We face these sorts of sexist things daily. And yes, sometimes we break rules to get work done or make our point because we are fed up. Like legit, fed up! In that spirit, here are some sexist, cliche things that every woman hears in her lifetime, and they must END.

1. Is it that time of the month?

If at some point we are incapable of handling our emotional state, we get to hear that it is because maybe we are PMS-ing! Just shhh, please.

2. You watch sports?

Ughh, yes! We watch sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, and also play video games from time to time. Not because of the cute sportsmen, but because sports can interest us too.

3. Oh, you take your kid to daycare? Your child must be feeling so neglected.

Yes, we let (and pay) strangers to take care of our children for a few hours while we work for their education, health, and a far better lifestyle! Sorry to break it to you, but we choose to work hard, earn and spend our own money on our child… and our diamonds!

4. Can you really handle this job? It’s technology-based.

Sigh. Will someone invent a little something to diminish stupidity? Yes, we can handle technology like anyone else. We are not just good at playing secretary.

5. Women can’t drive

One thing that every man (also some aunties) assumes is that women are bad drivers. Well, look around, there are enough women who are astronauts, pilots, and Uber drivers who are not only doing their jobs but are good at it. Also, there are TERRIBLE male drivers out there who can’t seem to follow the traffic signals to this date.

6. So, when are you getting married?

The day I meet someone to match my fabulousness, you will be the first one to get an invitation to eat free Sushi at my wedding. In the meanwhile, I’m celebrating my singlehood like a boss babe. Sorry if I don’t look sad.

7. Your favorite color is pink, right!

Sigh. And you’re a guy so you probably love the color blue, right???

8. You must be a fab cook, beta!

Sure. But I know better stuff to order online and feed into your baby-brain. Would you like some?

We all live in an open-minded world. So, rather than putting gender-biased assumptions while having a conversation, let all women express their passion, power, intelligence, and their effort to make the change.

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