Can COVID Vaccine Affect Menstrual Cycle?


As the number of people receiving vaccines grows, many women started to raise questions regarding their body health. The main concern women have raised is related to the menstrual cycle. There have been rumors speculating around social media platforms that the COVID 19 vaccines can affect the fertility and menstrual cycles of women.

To debunk these myths and rumors many doctors and experts released articles like in New York Times Alice Lu-Culligan and Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein wrote that, “So far, there’s no evidence available that proves that vaccines can change menstruation cycle,” and in a doctor wrote that “Even if there is a connection, one unusual period is no cause for alarm.”

All the social media platforms have also been abuzz with doctors and medical practitioners from all around the world to acknowledge these rumors regarding vaccines.

A doctor tweeted that this rumor is complete crap and everyone should register themselves and get vaccinated.

Another doctor tweeted that this is just some silly WhatsApp rumor.

There has been no proper evidence or data to claim that the COVID 19 vaccines can affect the fertility or menstrual cycle of women. These rumors were spread from social media platforms where few women started sharing their personal experiences. So, rather than falling prey to this rumor, everyone should go get vaccinated.

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