Rimsha’s Weight Loss Journey: A Pakistani Girl’s Guide to Losing 90 Kgs


When it comes to accepting yourself for who you are, the task is usually quite difficult. However, realizing that you need to change something about yourself for personal satisfaction and not because of societal pressure is even more difficult.  Therefore, this girl’s weight loss journey is inspirational and unique because it has nothing to do with the taunts and humiliation generally suffered by fat people.

Meet Rimsha Ali Shah — The Girl Who Lost 90 Kgs

After four years into a happy successful marriage, Rimasha’s weight had escalated from 70 kgs to 150 kgs. Yet, she had no issues with it and luckily for her, neither did her husband. It was only after she found herself utterly exhausted taking stairs that she realized it was high time to do something about it.

The Girl Who Lost 90 Kgs

And It Began

The journey of shedding pounds after pounds without gaining them back was definitely a long and hard one. Yet, Rimsha is glad that her husband was there to support and encourage her in moments when she was about to lose hope. Praising him, she said,

“He cooked all the diet food for me”

Her husband is also working hard to reach his ideal weight and Rimsha is always by his side. We wish more power to this couple for their determination.

Apart from her husband, her trainer had helped her a lot too. Whenever she was down or lost focus, her trainer would introduce new exercise routines to her. This kept her motivated and excited about her workout sessions since they were not monotonous and boring.

Busting Myths

Rimsha also busted the most famous myth that losing weight is all about skipping meals. In fact, food was her best friend throughout the journey. Her diet plan made her eat something after every 3 to 4 hours. Also, there were cheat days, where she was allowed to eat whatever she wanted!

Another myth that she busted was of the desi totkas. She claimed that there was no special chai, lehsun, adrak, or any other garam masalha ingredient involved in her weight loss plan. It was pure hard work, exercise, and balanced diet that helped her.

Rimsha's Advice

Rimsha’s Advice

Rimsha learned a few important things from her journey for sure. She realized that it is not just about losing weight but doing so in a healthy way. She believes that building strength and muscles is of key importance. This is why having a physical trainer is important because they know how much pressure your body can bear.

Moreover, her journey is not just about losing some extra fat. It is about motivation, hard work, and challenging your personal self. She set a goal for herself and accomplished it despite the obstacles. This is why they say, where there is a will, there is a way.

If you are inspired by this lady’s weight loss journey, exceptional willpower and perseverance or have a similar story to share, feel free to use the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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