10 Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now!


It’s presumably not something you consider each day, regardless of whether the food that you are eating could contain cancer-causing agents, yet with nearly 1.5 million individuals showed some kind of malignancy a year ago. It’s an ideal opportunity to take a look at what is in your food that could cause an increase in number of new patients with cancer. Following is a list of the top 10 foods that you probably eat each day that may contain cancer-causing agents or be associated with the disease causing agents.


Sodas Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Sodas are literally loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. The color that attract the audience and the artificial flavors that people fall for are cancerous. Apart from just cancer they also cause obesity and GIT diseases.

Processed meats

Processed meats Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

It is understandable that you like processed meet because of the flavors in them, but let’s face it, they are carcinogenic. The processed meet contains tar and many other carcinogenic substances like flavors, so it is not the best option if you want to have some protein.


Popcorns Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Microwave popcorns is the best thing ever if you are watching a movie with your friends and family, but it’s not the healthiest or the safest food. The paper bag contains chemicals for e.g. preflurooctanoic acid which is cancerous to humans.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Chips that you find in the stores are full of calories. They contain colors and flavors that are not healthy and may cause cancer. Acrylamide is a carcinogen present in most of the crisps and it is extremely dangerous hence avoid eating packed potato chips.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated Oils Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

All the vegetable oils are hydrogenated. Unlike butter, vegetable oil is not extracted naturally. It is an entirely chemical based process. In order to make the oil more appealing and useable, chemicals are added which are carcinogenic and thus hydrogenated oils are cancerous.

Preserved or Smoked Food

Preserved or Smoked Food Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Preserved and smoked food can be cancerous. Preserved food contains nitrates which are carcinogens whereas smoked food contains tar which is again very carcinogenic. Thus, pickles and all the preserved foods are cancer causing foods.

White Flour


A lot of people eat white flour. It is cheaper and also easily available. The flour is bleached in chlorine gas which whitens the flour to make it more appealing for the buyer. White flour increases the blood sugar level directly which works as an agent for cancer causing substances because the tumors feed on the sugar.


Candies Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Candies do not only cause dental caries but also cancer. It is a processed food and loved by people. It has lots of flavors that are carcinogenic and the sugar content works as an agent for cancer causing substances.

Canned Tomatoes

Canned Tomatoes Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Fresh tomatoes that come straight from the farms are known to be cancer fighting foods due the amount of anti-oxidants present in them. On the other hand, the canned tomatoes that you find in super stores are cancer causing, because of the preservatives present in them. A lot of people go for the canned tomatoes to save their time and to avoid the mess. This is a very serious problem and people need to realize that fresh tomatoes are healthy while the canned tomatoes contain carcinogens.

Farmed Fish

Farmed Fish Cancer Causing Foods You should Stop Eating Now

Fish is probably the healthiest food out there. However, it is being bred in farms these days where they are fed artificial and unnatural food which can cause cancer. Their diets are contaminated with carcinogens in the chemical form such as pesticides. They are also fed chicken litter which isn’t a good alternative and thus farmed fish is a cancer causing food.

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