10 Things Your GP Will Tell You This Season


The thought of winter usually brings memories of hot coffee and cozy blankets, but what most of us forget, or prefer to forget, is that winters have the highest rate of illnesses, ranging from sore throats to full-blown pneumonia, which is why we need to take special precautions during this chilly season.

1. Get a Flu Shot Before Winter

The Influenza vaccine has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of getting the flu or at least reducing the severity of the condition. Flu Shots are available at every pharmacy and can be easily administered intra-muscularly by a trained health care worker.

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2. Stay Warm

People living in places like Lahore and Islamabad are usually well prepared for winter with their shawls, sweaters and indoor heating, whereas people in Karachi have an unpredictable winter and are less prepared. They are the ones who wear silk and lace to winter weddings and are down with a fever the next day. Winter wardrobes should be separate for both casual and evening wear; and warm innerwear is a must at all times.

3. Avoid Crowds

With lots of coughing and sneezing going around, it’s best to stay away from the sick as much as possible. Avoid sharing towels or pillowcases with someone who’s sick. It has even been suggested that surfaces, such as office tables or telephones, which are in public use, should be disinfected daily to prevent transmission of organisms.

4. Wash Your Hands

No matter how much you try, you may not be able to avoid contamination of your hands. Therefore, it is important you disinfect your hands as much as possible. Keep hand sanitizers with you and use it after you touch any public surface, be it an elevator button or a door handle.

5. Stay Active

Due to the cold weather, we tend to spend most of our time indoors, which puts us at a higher risk of infections. If it’s too cold for outdoor activities, visit the gym or an indoor swimming pool to mobilize those muscles and boost your immunity.

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6. Humidify The Air

Warm air from heaters, dries and disrupts the protective layer in your nose, which makes you more susceptible to infectious diseases. Humidifiers can be installed to add moisture to the room air or you can keep your nasal mucosa moist through nasal sprays or a saline rinse.

7. Warm Your Insides

Not only do warm drinks taste extra-delicious in the winter, but they also serve the purpose of soothing the throat and preventing sore throats.

8. Monitor Your Diet

Healthy eating and hydration is recommended throughout the year, but during the winter it is essential to increase our intake of fruits and vegetables as they strengthen our immune responses and help us fight off infections. Keep in mind that Pakistan gets some amazing Vitamin C packed fruits in the winter months, like Oranges and Strawberries.

9. Stay Safe

Apart from the coughs and colds, winter also brings with it an increased incidence of sprains and fractures. Elderly people or those who are at a high risk of falls, should be careful while walking and wear proper shoes to avoid any sort of outdoor accident.

10. Keep Busy

Cold weather is a known risk factor for depression. The days are short and people tend to stay in their cozy beds for as long as they can. You should make an active effort to socialize with others or keep busy at home, so that the idle mind does not fall prey to depressive thoughts.

Countries with hot climates, like Pakistan, rejoice when winter arrives and enjoy the short spell of cold weather. No one wants to spend winter with tablets and syrups, so take care of your health and turn this cold, blistery winter into a cozy, comfortable season for you and your family.

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