Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying


Many people would love to get rid of some extra kilos, but it is only the extremely dedicated and committed ones who end up reaching their goals. Well, here are some habits that anyone can inculcate – and then the weight loss will seem easier than we have ever thought before! Try these easy ways to lose weight.

One way is to play more colorful video games, like Candy Crush or Tetris. This may seem strange, but this habit will distract you from getting up and eating more when you are bored – often when we have nothing to do we turn to snacks as something to occupy us with. By getting used to the bright colors in the game, you will be prevented from being tempted when you see bright packaging in the supermarket, as it isn’t as enticing when you are used to it

glass of water

Another tip is to always drink a glass of water before starting a meal. This is because water has no calories –and by filling space in your stomach with something that is good for you, there is less space for the things that will lead to weight gain.

healthy foods

By keeping healthy foods such as, fruits, out and in easily accessible spots, and removing any unhealthy, fattening foods from the open, you will end up indulging in the healthy options when hungry. This is because laziness plays an important part in what we eat – whatever will take the least effort is what we will go for. In the same way, if you keep the unhealthy food hidden away in cupboards, you will eat them less frequently.

Staying away from liquid calories is another habit that will help you lose weight in the long run – forgo soda and juices and have water instead, you will reduce your calorie intake by at least 100 calories, and this will add up later and help with weight loss. If juice is something extremely dear to you, then have it once a week, but try not to have it regularly.

Sleeping more

Sleeping more also could help with losing weight, as lack of sleep increases your appetite. By making sure you are well rested, you will feel less hungry, and there is also the bonus that in the extra hours you sleep you will not be tempted to eat anything – both ways your calorie intake will reduce!

 salad dressings

You can also skip hundreds of calories by avoiding dips and dressings when eating a salad – if you are trying to keep healthy and you turn to salads, don’t make them calorie laden and try to minimize the dressings you use.


Making it a habit to add more spice to your food is also a way to slowly lose weight over time, as the spice makes you feel satiated quickly, so you end up eating less. It also speeds up your metabolism, which means your body is burning calories at an increased rate when you ingest spicy food.

Try creating these habits if you want to shed some extra weight, they are definitely less hectic than massive weight loss regimes, and can be more effective sometimes too. However, keep in mind that this is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle – make sure you look after your health in a holistic way as well, like keeping active and limiting the unhe

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