20 Amazing Benefits of Poppy Seeds (KhashKhash)


Khashkhash (poppy seeds) are often used as a spice in many dishes. It is sprinkled on pie crusts and added to cheese omelets, breads and cookies. It gives a nutty flavor when fried and can also be used to give tarhka to many dishes. It has a lot more benefits that one certainly needs to know, so scroll down to learn about the amazing benefits of khashkhash

  1. Poppy seeds are known for their cooling effect, so they work well for quenching thirst.
  2. Medicines that are used for cooling down the body’s temperature contain extract of poppy seeds. Poppy seeds can also be crushed and taken along with water to cool down body’s temperature.
  3. The seeds are rich in magnesium, manganese, iodine and zinc, hence are a good source of minerals.
  4. Khashkhash oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids which may be used in the treatment of carcinomas.
  5. You will find many moisturizers that claim to have poppy seeds in them. It is better to make one at home grounding poppy seeds and making a paste with milk.
  6. It adds on to the flavor and texture of homemade baked goodies like bread and cookies.
  7. If you have a family history of heart diseases then here is your escape. Consume poppy seeds. It has linoleic acid which helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  8. Omega 3 fatty acids are very good for health and maybe used to lose weight. Khashkhash has a good amount of these fatty acids, so don’t hesitate to eat a few every day.
  9. Poppy seeds are known to be pain relievers, because they work as narcotics. If you are not the kind of person who takes painkillers every now and then, then this is a good option for you.
  10. Khashkhash is a good treatment for respiratory disorders. If you or your family members have trouble breathing then mix ground poppy seeds in a glass of milk and drink it. This will also prevent further infections.
  11. Poppy seeds are known for having anti-inflammation properties. They can be taken in order to lower down the fever.
  12. It is okay to over eat once in a blue moon and eat whatever you like, but it can lead to abdominal problems. Poppy seeds can treat constipation, cramps and diarrhea.
  13. Khashkhash contains low amount of alkaloids. These seeds can be used in order to treat disorders related to nervous system of our body.
  14. Since poppy seeds have a narcotic effect and are also anti-inflammatory, they can be used to treat sleeping disorders such as insomnia and night sweats.
  15. Poppy seeds are used in many beauty cosmetics, so they really work on your skin to make it look flawless. Add aloe vera to ground poppy seeds and mix it with milk to apply all over your body.
  16. Linoleic acid in poppy seeds is beneficial in treating eczema. Make a smooth paste by grinding poppy seeds and lime to it. Apply it to your skin along with milk in order to soothe down itching and cure eczema.
  17. If you have dry skin then make a paste by adding ground poppy seeds and honey to milk. Apply this on your skin after shower and get a well moisturized skin.
  18. You can make a face and body scrub at home by mixing ground poppy seeds in little bit of curd. Massage your skin with this and you can get a nice glowing skin.
  19. Dandruff can lead to hair loss which is pretty depressing. To treat dandruff, mix ground poppy seeds with curd and white pepper. Apply this mixture onto your scalp and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo after an hour. Do this thrice a week to get rid of all the dandruff.
  20. Khashkhash can also be used to stimulate hair growth. Soak poppy seeds in curd and onion juice. Add a little bit of coconut oil to the mixture. Apply this mixture onto your scalp at least twice a week to see a difference in your hair growth.
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