Top 10 movies of 2015


With the preparations of welcoming the New Year almost done, it is to wrap up 2015 and kiss it goodbye.

This year was a massive explosion for all movie lovers since all types of movies came out from all different genres and from all our favorite actors (thinks about Robert Downey Jr.).

Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or our very own Lollywood – which had its revival this year I guess with the amount of films that came out – we as an audience had a blast in enjoying them all.

Talking about great movies, here are my top 10 pick for the end of 2015! These are in no specific order, as I might become ecstatic writing about each one of them, so they’re all equally great in their own way for me.


I can’t help but call myself a Marvel girl; I mean DC Comics isn’t any behind, which is probably why they’re going to make it up here in the end of 2016 too (hint: Batman versus Superman). Anyways coming back to Avengers, of course it was a huge hit. I made sure to go see it in theatres as soon as it was out. With the breathtakingly humorous Iron Man and the stupendous yet adorable relationship between the Hulk and Black Widow, this movie was quite the mouthful this time. With that, Ultron for me was like a cherry on top. I am yet to know who the voice over is but, whoever it was, made Ultron a sexy robo villain.



The true revival for the 90’s kids, I swear. Ever since news of this movies being released broke out, there wasn’t a single person I knew who was a Jurassic Park fan and wasn’t literally counting days for this one to come out. And let me tell you, it was no downer. The movie lived up to its mark of being the ultimate dinosaur movie, also letting us live the real of Jurassic Park from back then in some scenes. What was astonishing for me was that the T-Rex saved the day! Hah. And of course the raptor called Blue. *tear*



Bond made a comeback this year too! As much as I love Bond, I just really seemed to miss M this time. The Bond song was pure love like every time, sung by Sam Smith this year. However, even though I felt the movie was a little dragged, seeing a man in suit does it for me. And at the end of the day, its 007 – you can’t go wrong with that.



Shifting to a little Bollywood, this movie literally had the world in tears. Salman Khan gave yet another memorable and cute performance with the adorable little mute girl, and their special strong bond so evident in the movie. The character of Salman Khan and the little girl are flawlessly played by both the actors which results to bringing waterfalls in the end. I think it’s a good watch for pure family entertainment.



Speaking of family entertainment, the kids had their share of fun this year too. With the intro of these adorable little yellow guys in the last two Despicable Me movies, they were bound to have their own film. It’s really funny as to how these little fellas speak Minionish, and yet somehow as an audience who is so thrilled watching them, we start to understand what they are saying!



Pakistani cinema industry had a revival this year and no doubt, the standards for film-making have been raised to newer heights. While there were promising films like Moor and Ye Jawani Phir Na Aani, Bin Roye was highly anticipated to be a good one because of Momina Durad, who is really popular with her hit drama serials like Humsafar. The film was beautiful when it comes to visualization with really live colors, pretty people, and ravishing attire throughout the movie. The story was like an extended drama. Although, hats off to the Pakistani industry for coming closer to what it aspires to become.



How can we forget Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise?! The man who is probably a crush to a millions including my mother made one good comeback delivering us with yet another awesome impossible mission to watch.



I loved this film from the start till the end. If you want to have a really good laugh with your friends also with some action kicked in, then this is the go-to movie to watch.



This movie was quite different from what you usually see these days in terms of cinematography, as they took us back to the 70’s with good comedy, action and plot.



As loutish as this may have seemed to some, this movie was very much anticipated by many around the world and one can say it pretty much did slightly do justice to the book.


So this was my take for the top 10 movies of 2015. If you think I have missed some movie out, let me know by commenting below.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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