The Trailer For Frozen 2 Is Here And It Is Not What We Expected


Disney’s Frozen had the entire world in a frenzy when it released in 2013. Everyone knew the lyrics to ‘Let it go’ and ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’, everyone knew the names ‘Anna’ and ‘Elsa’, everyone applauded the fact that love at first sight was discouraged and everyone started eagerly waiting for the sequel.

We knew it was set for release in November 2019 but we didn’t know much else.

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The first trailer is now out and we are still unsure about what exactly it means.

The happy-go-lucky Anna looks grim, ice queen Elsa is shown trying to hone her powers in front of a roaring sea, Arendelle is not given a lot of coverage. So what will happen in the movie?

Theories and thoughts:

  • The animation looks BEYOND amazing. Goosebumps, for real.
  • The grim and ominous music indicates that the sequel will have a darker touch than the original.
  • We know that there are 2 new characters that are in the film, as we catch some glimpses in the trailer.
  • The fight against the thunderous sea may be a hint towards a possible climate-change angle.
  • We may see a love interest for Elsa, and it may be a BIG reveal about Elsa’s ‘inner-storm’. Or not. It’s just speculation.
  • The team’s adventure is going to happen far beyond Arendelle.
  • Earlier, Disney sources said that we will get to know Anna and Elsa’s parents better.

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Whatever the case, we are super excited for Frozen 2! Are you?

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