The Sassy Churail – Yasra Rizvi


If there’s anyone in Pakistan’s entertainment industry who is known for her versatility, it’s Yasra Rizvi! From her commendable performance in the popular web series Churails to her deep poetic personality on social media – Yasra has mastered the art of catering to an intelligent audience. While posing for the HTV cover shoot, this sassy churail won our hearts for being incredibly cool yet daring to pose no less than a model, as she has complete faith in her fans for understanding her craft as an actor.
Without further ado, read on to learn about the actress, her go-to Karaoke song, and the life after Churails.

Welcome to HTV! First off, how would you describe your feelings while you posed for HTV’s cover shoot?

New, Excited, and Dangerous!

How similar and different is your character Jugnu from Churails to Yasra Rizvi?

In some ways, I feel we are exactly the same and in other ways very different. As actors there is always some of the real you that goes into the portrayal of a character. Jugnu gets the greys and so does Yasra.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Any of the Ali Sethi songs although they are very difficult to sing. I am a huge Ali Sethi fan and I think he is a supremely talented vocalist.

If you had to pick between a movie with Pakistan’s top actors or Churails 2, what would you choose?

Churails 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on!

Was there anything about Jugnu’s character that you were a little hesitant about?

To manage looking so HOT all the time. Also, it was a challenge to wear heels in every scene!

How did Churails change your life, if it even did?

It kick started deep introspection which is still going on, facing and communicating with my own demons, to do both life and art more truthfully no matter how ugly or politically incorrect.

What were you always known for on the sets of Churails?

I was known as the Script Nerd!

On a scale of 1 -10, how much are you busy these days, and with what?

I am always quite busy with something or the other. It is a side effect of being a workaholic. I have been writing, acting, and directing. Clearly, I enjoy multitasking. I cannot confine my craft within a box.

What’s your favourite way of unwinding yourself after a long day on the set?

I just crash on this couch in my living room and watch a comedy show. It’s a great catharsis!

What’s your most over-used phrase? A pet word, perhaps.

Do you follow? (laughs)

What’s that one word you wish people stop using?

Awesome – calling everything awesome. How can everything be “awesome”?

If you could be an ice cream flavor, which one would you be and why?

I think I would be Vanilla. It is simple and straightforward. I know it seems to be an unlikely choice but it is what it is!

We are huge fans of your poetry. Where do you draw inspiration from when writing?

It happens on its own whenever it does. It can be an incident, a phrase, a person, anywhere and everywhere.

Do you watch your own dramas? How do you feel?

Not very often because I keep finding flaws in my work and I am dissatisfied with my performance most of the times. Hence watching everything would just demotivate me.

You normally across as a very real person. What’s that one beauty totka that you follow and no one still knows about?

I sleep well.

What is life?

I feel life is not a competition. It is an All-You-Can-Experience buffet and each one of us has a different appetite and taste, fill your plate accordingly.

What do you think is the most common misconception about the entertainment industry?

That it is a lot of fun!

What’s your life mantra?

Unlearn and let go if it is not working.

How do you feel about where feminism is in Pakistan?


Lastly, say something for the cool team of HTV!

You are an imaginative and innovative lot. Please stay the same!

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