10 Amazing Healing Powers of Lemon


Lemon is one of those essential ingredients which is present in almost every household fridge. Yes, I used the word “essential” since it has a great importance as far as your health is concerned. Not only it contributes to both your internal and external beauty, but also many other benefits. Learn about some of the amazing healing benefits of lemons

1. Excellent Alkaline Agent

Lemons are one of the most acidic fruits out there. But, as soon as it enters the body system it becomes an alkaline agent. By an alkaline agent, we mean that it acts as the source to reduce the acidic levels in the body to maintain the acid-base balance for proper physiologic functioning.

2. The Power of Vitamin C

The Power of Vitamin C

Lemons are composed of vitamin abundance, but Vitamin C tops the lot measuring up to 88% of the total content. This amazing type of vitamin is linked to the assistance of treating many ailments, namely:

Cold and Flu – as it helps fight infections

Aging – being an antioxidant, lemon helps fight against the molecules which lead to aging defects

Diabetes – lemon helps reduce the sugar levels in order to maintain proper glucose metabolism in the body. Apart from that, positive results have also been seen in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

3. A Potent Detoxifier

Considered as a great detoxifier, lemon can do wonders for your liver cleansing. A glass of lemon juice in the morning would not only give you the energy boost, but also purify the internal bacterial load.

4. Anti Cancerous Properties of Lemons

Lemon comprises of anti cancerous compounds, including the limonene compound, which greatly helps alter and halt the growth of the cancer producing cells, therefore, decreasing the chances of the onset of cancer.

Anti Cancerous Properties of Lemons

5. Lemon Increases Iron Absorption

Lemons also help in the proper and complete absorption of iron in the body. Pairing the lemon juice with foods having high iron content can maximize iron metabolism.

6. Healthy Skin with Lemons

Lemons contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin as well. Having Vitamin C content as mentioned earlier, it leads to the formation of collagen bundles. These bundles are responsible to provide support to the skin.

Healthy Skin with Lemons

7. Antibacterial Agent

Studies have shown that the contents of lemon have immense antibacterial properties. The tests have shown positive antibacterial effect against the species of malaria, typhoid, diphtheria and cholera.

8. Bowel Cleanser

The lemon juice helps cleanse the bowel, therefore, lead to a normal physiological functioning. Not only does it cleanse the bowel, but also helps destroy the intestinal worms.

Bowel Cleanser

9. Lemon Reduces Stone Formation

Another amazing healing power of lemon is that it reduces the deposition of gall stones, calcium deposits and kidney stones respectively.

10. Reduces Ischemic Stroke

It also reduces the chances of stroke in patients. Not only that, since lemon juice contains more phosphorus, it is beneficial for the heart as well.

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