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Delve into the world of beauty tips, hair care and latest trends that walk hand in hand with a healthy living. Our beauty column provides a little something for everybody.
Our modern take on the old age home remedies make looking beautiful and healthy as easy as possible. Learn about how you can achieve a luscious looking mane with our tips for long hair. We bring you the latest makeup trends that are dominating the social media.
Here at HTV we believe in providing our readers with the current most happening beauty trends as well revisiting old home remedies that take a more holistic approach to beauty. You can also find beauty tips in Urdu at HTV – Health Taste Vitality.

How to Look Good Without Makeup

Makeup has become such a huge part of our daily routine as well as a social necessity these days. It not only gives us the tools to be creative but also celebrate our individuality. A lot of us have insecurities that we may be able to deal…

Reduce Wrinkles Naturally!

Want to look younger? Stop opting expensive beauty products and switch to natural ingredients to reduce wrinkles for younger looking skin.Wrinkles are common occurrences in people aged 40-45. These are often caused by damaged connective…

Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Acne more often occur at the time of puberty, especially when the sebaceous glands become more active during this period, thus blocking pores and hair sacs. This results in bacteria attraction, causing acne. Check out some of the effective…