Tips to lose weight before Valentine’s Day


Want to get fit into that cute dress for your valentine date and you think it might look better if you shed a few pounds? Or finding it difficult to pull up those pants you thought you would wear on the special day? Experts say you can lose about to 1-2 pounds if you burn 500 more calories than you eat every day for a week.

One tip suggested by nutritionists for fast weight loss, is restricting starch and salt in your diet. By doing this you can lose up to 5 pounds initially.

Weight Loss and Diet

For effective and safe weight loss, you have to carefully select what you eat and what you want to cut off. A healthy weight loss requires you to focus more on vegetables, fruits, beans and lean proteins while you need to cut on carbohydrates such as rice, wheat and processed foods (frozen and take away fast food). Lean proteins include poultry, fish and shellfish. You should also include non-fat dairy products in your meal.

Eat more vegetables to make you feel full as most vegetables are loaded with fiber that fills you up, does not digest too quickly like carbohydrates, therefore, it makes you feel full for long. When you start your diet, make it a point to move all tempting foods away from your home; which includes white rice, white pasta and frozen, canned and processed foods.

Along with your diet, change your routine. If there is any time of the day when you tend to get bored, fill that slot with an interesting activity. You can do anything ranging from jogging, visiting a nearby park or doing some charity work. This helps, because you tend to eat more when you are bored.

When you fix yourself a meal, take a small portion, but with a variety of nutrients. Study says that having a two to three flavors on your plate fill you up quicker and satisfies satiety centre of your brain better. Do not fill your plate more than twice and be seated when you have your food. Grazing with the fridge open makes you lose count of how much you have eaten, which leads to overeating.  Be seated in a peaceful environment and eat food slowly for better digestion and satiety.

Do not skip a meal. This is very important as a lot of people who want to lose weight fast, as they have an upcoming event, tend to skip meals in order to eat less. Having lesser meals slows down your body metabolism, which means your body is storing all the nutrients and going into starvation mode. Storing nutrients in your body means weight gain. Therefore, eat four to five small meals in a day. This keeps your metabolism working and you put in more energy in digesting the food than you gain from it.

Keep yourself hydrated. This is an essential key to weight loss. A glass of warm water in the morning is beneficial for your entire system. It washes away toxins and is great for your liver health. Make sure you drink two to five liters of water daily. Water keeps you alert, active, keeps your system going and most importantly keeps hunger suppressed.

Exercise for Weight Loss

You need to select your exercise according to your body type, body-mass index and how much weight you want to shed. However, starting with a brisk walk is a great idea. Walking for 30 minutes, five times a week is required for a healthy living. People who want to lose weight should advance to jogging and high intensity interval training which requires you to run for a few minutes then slow down for a while and repeat for up to an hour. This is simplest, easiest and most effective form of aerobics that can be done without instructions. It does not only help you shed a few pounds, but increases your stamina, blood circulation and improves your heart health Find More : Health tips for women.

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