Singles turn to social media for Valentine’s Day


Social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are becoming crucial tools for Valentine’s Day to send Valentine’s wishes, especially for singles i.e. those without a partner.

According to a Soasta survey conducted by Harris Poll, 79% of under 18s and 71% of adults in the US will be wishing someone a happy Valentine’s Day this year through social media.

And while married couples are most likely to opt for traditional methods such as buying and sending cards to each other, 40% of single adults will be turning to social media to express their love.

That’s more than under 18s (37%) and those with a husband or wife (28%).

Soasta’s study was conducted online and polled 2046 adults aged 18 or over and 1,158 youths aged from 8-18.

Source: AFP/Relaxnews

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