Fun Ways to Celebrate V-Day as Single!


So it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. And you’re probably like, “oh my god! Not again man”. But, yes this has come again and you’re still single. It’s not a big deal, it never was, it never will- that should be your mantra for the day.

With all the hearts, red, pink colored things everywhere you go, it does get exhausting and slightly haunting to how the day chases you. However, like everything, it is only that much as you give power to it. This time, you will give it power and you will do V-Day for yourself, by yourself.

Yes, you read that correct. You will not be hating Valentine’s Day this year and you will definitely not be running from it. You will rejoice the day as it is full of love, chocolates and flowers (if you’re a girl or a guy fan of flowers).

Here is how:

1.Write a note before you sleep saying: “I am single and I love me”

When you wake up, usually you would wish that someone writes you a note with the special three words on this love filled day. However because you’re single, who says it has to be any different? You write yourself a note and wake up to it feeling as much and ever more to see the same note written by the best person in your life- you.

2.Buy Chocolates and eat them all!

You would find all sorts of chocolate at one stops and even those unique ones shaped like a heart. Now I enjoy buying the heart ones to later eat them thinking they’re the hearts of my past lovers! But, hey the best part is, you don’t have to share your favorite chocolates with anyone especially when they are wrapped mostly in red.

3.Invite your other single friends and have a game/ movie night

This not only distracts you from thinking that it’s V-day but also lets you be with your awesome gang. You can play any sort of games or watch some scary movie and make it no less than a party night. I love to play sequence and luddo with mine.

4.Have your favorite movie marathons

While all the DVD stores, Netflix and TV channels would be showing all the romance genre, you can choose to watch your favorite ones back to back. Movies are the greatest way to pass your time without having to do much but just lay back in your bed and watch with your eyes

5.Pamper yourself

You know what’s really great about Valentine’s Day? All these great deals you will find at the salons and spas for this special day. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the joy of spending on none other than yourself.

6.Make it a DIY day

Involve yourself with something you love that has nothing to do Valentine’s Day. It will put you in touch with how great your life is and remind you this is one day out of the year. It could be you reviving a good old habit or hobby. It could also be you wanting to do something but had been putting off for a special day, well Valentine Day is your special day this year!

7.Take yourself out on a date

Reserve a table and proudly say, ‘table for one’. Feel no shame walking to a restaurant and lurking around seeing couples everywhere but, feel unique and confident in your individuality. Also note on how many people will actually look at you alone rather than with someone, so you’ve managed to get the attention too without doing much.

Last but not least, promise to love yourself no matter what your relationship status is, you’re your first and last love.

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