5 Special Gift Ideas For this Valentine’s Day


The special love day is just around the corner. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day. As this day comes on the 14th of Feb every year, it becomes thought-provoking for many people Reason being, what gift they should give to their special loved ones of course. Everybody wants to feel special and everyone wants their loved ones to feel pampered and just let the love in the air swing around. However, deciding on what should bring that bright smile up on their faces is the task that is not so easily done, especially if you like have a custom to give a gift every Valentine’s Day other than flowers and chocolates. The point of V-day is to remind the ones you care about the most, to how important and how much they mean to you.

So, I gave it some thought as I analyzed what are the usual gifts and then why people want to always come up with something special? Well, because they don’t want to turn it into a boring thing or the usual. Therefore, I came up with the some special gift ideas but, in a surprising unique way.
I’ll start off with my personal favorite. (The gift ideas mentioned below are for every relationship that may exist.)

1. Perfume

Now seeing this you may think, oh wow how typical. Although, that is not the case. Perfumes are an everlasting gift and also precious too. A scent of a person becomes a fact of their personality. Psychologists even suggest that a good way to remember someone is by their scent. What better way than to give your loved one a perfume of your choice to which they can remember you by and vice versa. Also, they’ll always smell oh so good.

2. A Personalized Gift

This is something vast because many and most things can be personalized and given to your special ones. However, if you add your craft skills no matter how bad they might be, adds the cherry on top of making others feel special. It not only shows dedication but, your efforts in wanting to do something that they’ll cherish you for. This could be from making a card to a personalized mug. The range is as high as it can go.

3. Photo Frame

Pictures are like the best way to cherish all memories. Adding on to that, a picture is worth a thousand words. Choose your favorite or the one with the craziest story behind the image that will make them re-live that moment all through your gift.

4. Customized Playlist

For those that may not be so high on budget, no worries my friend. This is one of the sweetest gestures of giving a gift to someone. Make a CD with a playlist of songs that you would like to dedicate to your loved one that special day. This makes a perfect gift for anyone, be it your Mom/Dad, lovers, best friends and so on. You’ll automatically pop in their mind while they listen to these songs, as they continue to saw AWW to it.

5. Socks

This may seem a little absurd of an idea but, then again it’s one that everyone will make use of. Socks are worn by all ages and they can come off to be a really cute gift. All you need to do is really think of how to make these socks be so special that they’d adore them so much that they’d never want to be barefoot again. Socks have also started to become really artsy and colorful too.
I hope this Valentine’s Day, you make the best of these mainstream with a twist of exclusivity gift ideas this year.


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