Natasha Brought What Hair Back?


Natasha Brought What Hair Back?

Recently Natasha’s Salon posted a picture on Instagram of a bridal shoot they did on one of their previous master class students and the overall effect is stunning!

Take a look!

Unveiling our bridal campaign "The #100watt Bride" we photographed in July with a face we discovered during one of our masterclasses beautiful Mairaj @mj.muneer ❤️? we wanted to show how we would dress up our gorgeous brides if we could dress them up from head to toe. Here this stunning outfit by @elanofficial , was paired with a softly pinned textured curly hair because we wanted this look to have the feeling of a Renaissance painting. Soft pale silver eyes with delicate lashes , our #100wattskin and a soft pink lip , an ideal look for a Valima , Reception or an engagement ❤️have been waiting with baited breath to share the results , watch this space about more coming up next ?❤with clothes by @elanofficial @mishalakhani @farahtalibazizdh @minahasanofficial , with jewels by the fabulous @sherezadjewellery ,photographed by @haseebsiddiquiphoto ❤️? #natashasalon #bridalbeauty #love #makeupmafia #hairmafia #makeupfever #makejawsdrop #cantgetenough #teaser #makeupbynatasha #makeupbyhina #makeupbyhinaandnatasha

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This stunning photo is a picture of elegance and class. Natasha brought back an old style with a modern, contemporary twist. The dress, a soft beige number from Élan with silver work is exactly what is in fashion these days! They’ve paired it with a traditional emerald necklace that makes the perfect combo. And of course, the makeup is stunning as always. But the thing that stands out the most is her hairstyle – the beautiful Grecian style. In a time where many of the brides have been opting for a complicated updo of sorts, this hairstyle is a breath of fresh air. This simple looking hairstyle paints a very innocent, and regal look. It could pass as a picture from an old Bollywood movie!

From Bollywood to Hollywood

While this look is something absolutely different to what we are used to seeing, it certainly isn’t new around the world! Remember Aishwarya Rai Bachan from Devdas? The long, flowy hair that fell elegantly to her back was also curled and textured. It framed her face and gave her a very innocent appearance.

From Bollywood to Hollywood

Furthermore, many Hollywood celebrities have also used this Grecian look on the red carpet. For example, actress Vanessa Hudgens had her hair curled and plaited to look like a true Grecian goddess in an award show.

The true history of this hairstyle

The true history of this hairstyle cannot be exactly pinpointed, but it is thought to have originated from the Greeks and Romans. At that time not only did a hairstyle dictate a person’s self image, it also showed social standing and class. But perhaps the main reason this hairstyle seems so regal is because it is associated with mythical gods! Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, wore a helmet with fine curls coming out from underneath. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and birth was also known to sometimes opt for this look. As a whole, this look was favored by many in the historic era.

Regardless of who created this look, it looks like it is here to stay. And definitely, we will be seeing more of it in the Pakistani community for sure!

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