Year To Embrace Change: Beauty Trends That Will Rule 2019

Time to welcome change in your life!


Life demands constant evolution and similarly certain trends fade while some come back strong and some of them stay regardless of time and era. We at HTV are obsessed with all things beauty and always trying out new trends while making sure we are aware of what’s in and what’s out. We take a look at trends that will rule 2019 and those you might want to stay away from.

Grey is the new black

picture source: Chicago Tribune

The concept age is just a number is finally being embraced which not only means people will be opting for silver shades but will also be comfortable embracing their natural greys also. According to Harper’s Bazaar and Redken’s global creative colour director, “Work with a colourist to try to get the hairline as light as your natural grey. If the eye sees the lightest colour against the face it will give the appearance of being totally grey.”

The infamous red pout

beauty trendsPouts are meant to be flaunted and 2019 will be the year where you will get to see that classic Marilyn Monroe inspired deep red pout. This trend is a classic but this year it will be all about that dewy look paired with a signature red for that stand-out factor.

Go Glossy or Go Home

beauty trends
picture source: Colour Pop

Beating the matte trend, glossy lips are back in action and we won’t say we dislike it. In terms of color palette, there will be more plums and browns rather than your usual pinks and nudes. We’re all for this change.

Lilac for the win

2019 will be all about revolutionizing the norms and the year to flaunt edgy hues. Lilac hair will be a normal sight with blunt bobs and moreover, rainbow shades will be taking over, inspiring people to embrace individuality.

Flutter em Eye lashes

Give your eyes definition by opting for natural eye-lash lifting solutions. You can go to a spa or go all-natural in your approach by using castor oil, grapeseed oil or aloe vera. Let your eyes do the talking (literally) this year!

Got something else to add to the list? Share away in comments below.

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