Celebrity Moms and Weight Loss


If you want to take weight loss inspiration, celebrity mothers are the best source. The way they manage their babies and shed the pounds is nothing short of amazing. Of course, the fact that they have truckloads of money to pay fitness gurus and best nutritionists in town cannot be ignored. Yet the dramatic weight loss they achieve within a short span of time is awe inspiring.

If you have been struggling with your postpartum weight issues, here are some celebrity mothers who will guide you how to get rid of the extra pounds while dealing with your demanding little devil, oh sorry, angel!

Music Icon J. Lo

celebrity weight loss

If you weren’t a fan of hers in the nineties, now is the time to have that celebrity girl crush because J. Lo is achievement personified! She gained 50 pounds when she got pregnant with her twins! But the diva lost it all within a very short time period. She did nothing for the first 4-5 months, but then became a part of triathlon, bike races and swimming competitions. Ms. Lopez did stuck to strict exercise regimes and that is what got her on weight loss track.

Bollywood Beauty Kareena Kapoor

celebrity weight loss

If you were not already in love with this beauty, you most certainly must have started paying attention after the arrival of Taimoor, the most gorgeous baby in the world! The mother of this adorable champ can by no means be ignored, especially with her mind blowing weight loss just a few months after the birth of her angel.

According to her she lost the weight by not overdoing the efforts and making sure her dairy supply was up to par. Dairy is said to help in speeding up metabolism that get rids of fats around the tummy area.

The Invisible Woman Jessica Alba

celebrity weight loss

Ms. Alba really has the ability to disappear…disappear her fat within a small amount of time after giving birth! She gained 35 pounds during the expecting period of her daughter Honor. She lost all the weight by exercising 20 minutes daily and watching what she had for meals.

Her workout included lunges, triceps extensions, chest presses, squats and jumps. She also consumed 1 liter of water each day to keep herself fully hydrated. Her diet included low-fat string cheese, whole grains, lean meats and salads.

Princess Anne Hathaway

celebrity weight loss

The young princes from Princess Diaries is all grown up now and has her own little ones. She also gained a lot of weight and was able to shed it off completely. Ms. Hathaway though stressed the importance of losing weight with your own speed.

In her own words:

Have you been trying to get rid of the baby weight? Just make a plan that involves clean eating and regular exercise routine. You will be able to shed the pound with ease. Good luck!

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