These Celebrities Are Giving Us Major Fitness Goals!


Boy oh boy, Pakistani celebrities are setting some serious fitness goals with their super toned bods these days! We take inspiration from these ladies who transformed their bodies and are looking fab than ever

Juggan Kazim


Juggan Kazim weight lossJuggan Kazim looks better than ever after shedding those extra kilos. The single mother uses all sorts of natural remedies to stay in shape. Her diet is heavily dependent on chia, flaxseed, cinnamon, fennel flower, ajwain. The popular actor is fond of oats, lemongrass tea, and honey. To satiate her sweet tooth, she relies on gur and dates. She also stresses on drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. She even has a YouTube channel where she shares weight loss tips and her journey. 

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar’s has been super vocal about her weight loss journey. She made simple changes to her diet and completely transformed her body. She stresses on switching to organic alternatives that are healthy and help in losing weight. The Bulbulay actress has bajra roti as a substitute for rotis made from white wheat. On top of that she makes sure all her food is cooked with extra virgin coconut oil. 

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq is stealing the spotlight for all the right reasons these days. She lost oodles of weight recently but it wasn’t a result of crash dieting and starvation. She lost weight slowly and gradually by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The tall and slender actress did not make size zero her goal and instead worked with the healthy mind and body mantra.

She works out every other day and does a combination of strength training and Pilates. She urges her fans to not skip meals if they want a toned body. Instead, she focused on eating smaller portions and the results are all of us to see.

Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai is known for her quirky sense of humour and fascinating dance moves. She is among the celebrities who have worked on their bodies and transformed them. She may have done it for her movie appearances but we can’t help admiring her dedication. She follows a strict no-carb diet with more emphasis on veggies and fruits. She also makes sure she works out an hour a day to keep those extra pounds at bay.

Minal Khan

Minal Khan entered the industry as a kid and now she is a leading lady in many drama serials. Minal Khan toned her body by sticking to a strict diet plan.

Her diet plan allows her a cup of black coffee in the morning before an hour run. She can heave three boiled eggs by 3 pm and her lunch includes a slice of bread with whatever she likes. At 5 pm she has some fruits and around 7 to 8 pm she can have her dinner. She consumes a high protein meal with brown rice and veggies. She stops herself from eating anything after 8 pm. Junk foods and fizzy drinks do not have a place in Minal’s world anymore. Fitness goals right there!

Maya Ali

This year has been great for Maya Ali with back to back drama hits and a movie appearance alongside Ali Zafar. It’s only natural she had to lose weight and look a certain way for the screen. Maya sculpted her body by keeping a check on her diet and making sure she doesn’t indulge in too many carbs. She said goodbye to junk food and had green tea rather than coffee/tea. Better take down notes if you want to slim down like her.



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