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Tib e Nabvi

HTV highly concentrates on the implications from the Islamic point of view, more importantly according to the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Saw), and executing all such cures and home remedies that are totally in accordance with the concepts of Islamic medicine and teachings of Sunat-E- Rasool (Sawthe pract).

It is true that scientific research is very important, but we cannot contradict this reality that above all, the practices instigated by our Prophet Muhammad (Saw) are unparalleled and incredible in any sense to cure any kind of diseases through Tib e Nabvi.

Find a detailed section of Tib e Nabvi (Saw) in Urdu at HTV that will uncover all cures and remedies for divergent diseases in a categorical way. Read Health articles and watch health videos on Tib e Nabvi that provide effective solutions to the health hazards, diseases and ailments in the light of Islamic research and its implications. Watch videos that revolve around the concepts and knowledge of Islamic medicine and Sunat-E- Rasool (SAW) to cure different diseases in the light of Tib e Nabvi. and HTV Stands for  Health. Taste and Vitality.

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