Honey and Warm Water: 7 Amazing Benefits


While some of you may have tried incorporating honey and warm water in their daily lives, the majority still believes that it is just a myth. However, recent researches have established, that drinking honey in warm water gives a number of health benefits. Listed below are seven amazing benefits that you can enjoy with daily use of honey and warm water.

1. Helps switch on auto-defense mechanism

Natural, organic honey opens up your self-protection capacities and makes sure that the mechanism is always on alert. Organic honey is rich in supportive minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and compounds that keep your stomach completely sound. In the absence of properly performing immune system, honey and warm water can help flush out the toxic substance and fight several illnesses.

2. It has anti-bacterial qualities

Honey also has excellent antibacterial properties. Peter Molan, a research executive of the Honey Research Unit in New Zealand, demonstrated how honey bees inject a protein that makes hydrogen peroxide. Yes, honey is highly hostile to bacterial and fights against viral and even against parasitic properties. You may experiment with it by applying a bit of honey on a minor cut and see how quickly it heals the wound. This anti-bacterial quality can help recover our body internally as well. A glass of honey with warm water protects you from internal infections and several viruses.

3. It can help you shed some pounds

Since honey is sweeter than sugar, you can use it to sweeten your beverages. It is a better substitute because it is more advantageous as a sweetener as it contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins that provide assistance in the digestive system of cholesterol and fat, which also consequently counteract overweight issues. The drink will not only provide assistance with keeping you invigorated, alkalized and hydrated, but will also be working on your digestive system and carving out the fat.

4. One of the most used home remedy to suppress cough

Coughing typically happens when there are certain aggravations in your throat and windpipe. Usually, coughing is a result of the effort created by the muscles in the diaphragm in order to remove any disturbance by contracting. While coughing may help in clearing your chest from the stuffy mucus, it can also bring about uneasiness on the off-chance that it gets out of hand. Honey with warm water can help release the mucus which brings about the aggravation and soothe the throat. It is necessary to drink the blend for at least a day for it to show any sign of improvement.

5. It may help improve your oral health

The antibacterial properties of honey along with the acridity of lemon can help fight bad breath. In order to maintain your oral health, it is best to take a glass of honey and warm water with a few drops of lemon every morning as soon as you wake up. Just swish this mix in your mouth and then gargle with it for a few seconds. It can take away the odor that even toothpaste can’t help with and is a very cheap replacement for a mouthwash.

6. You will have glowing and clear skin

Honey does not only have antibacterial qualities, but it also has collagen boosting and therapeutic properties. The combination of these properties helps rejuvenate your skin and clear dark spots. Therefore, applying honey on your face with your daily intake of honey and warm water can help you achieve a glowing, clear skin inside out.

7. It is great at detoxification

There are a dozen of fitness trainers who keep emphasizing on the importance of detoxification. Our bodies are daily under the influence of a toxic environment because of the pollution and chemically treated food. The amount of processed food we consume has completely ruined our immune system. Honey upgrades catalyst capacity, which animates the liver and assists with detoxification. Furthermore, honey and warm water expands the recurrence of urine, which also keeps the urinary tract healthy.